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Sseraj, or Sams, or Dr. John, is an administrator. He was named Dr. John by his 1466 Pre-algebra class. He enters every class by posting a meme and announcing "I have arrived!" (EDIT: This is infrequent now; he instead posts a relevant caption to the picture of Gmaas he posts, see below). Often people disappear after posting a caption. A pet of Gmaas, he has become quite famous among the AoPS community. He often pops in on other classes and posts a photoshopped (or maybe it isn't?) picture of Gmaas. Sseraj has an MA in Gmaasology. For more information about sseraj's owner, see the Gmaas page. Sseraj met Gmaas when Gmaas arrived at sseraj's doorstep. Sseraj has lived with Gmaas ever since.

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