Technology for Youth Empowerment - AMC 8 Camp

This in-person competition math camp will be hosted at Saratoga Library. In the span of three weeks, middle schoolers and advanced elementary schoolers will gain a wider understanding of topics covered in the American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8), like number theory, counting and probability, and coordinate geometry. The curriculum will use released AMC 8 exams to track student progress and topic-specific problems. While we aim to improve exam performance, we also hope to nurture our students’ love of math.

The lead instructor is Frances Jing, co-founder of Technology for Youth Empowerment (TYE). She received the AMC 8 Honor Roll, the AMC 12 Honor Roll, and participated in the AIME in her junior year by using strategies incorporated into this camp’s curriculum.

In order to provide the most engaging experience for our students, a maximum of 11 students per session will be accepted. This non-profit camp charges a fee of $40 per student to cover expenses and future non-profit projects. Please see our website to register.

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