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ananyasharma is $11$ years old and is in $6^{th}$-grade

ananyasharma's math goal is to finish Algebra B by the end of $6^{th}$-grade

ananyasharma wants to get her Alcumus rating up. As of $9.17.20$, it's at $22.3$ 😐 She hopes that after her Algebra A class, she can get it waaaaaaay up.

ananyasharma has $12$ friends as of $9.17.20$

ananyasharma is going to study Intro to Algebra A on AoPS

ananyasharma wants to improve her grammar and her ELA in general

ananyasharma wants to be president

ananyasharma is the greatest and she is divine. ( ఠൠఠ )ノ

ananyasharma thanks you for wasting your time on this page ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ

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