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Welcome to my user page!

About This Place

This is just a user page that I wanted to make for myself. You can choose among any of the options above to go to my subpages.

User Count

This is my user count. Add 1 to the number below if this is your first time visiting this page. \[\Huge{\textbf{4}}\]

Weekly Questions

Here are some questions that you can use to sharpen your math skills!

Weekly Question 1

If $n$ is $5$, what is $10n+11n$?

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Weekly Question 2 (SOURCE: SASMO)

$4$ chickens can lay $4$ eggs in $4$ days. How many chickens are needed to get $100$ eggs in $100$ days?

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Weekly Question 3

The sum of two consecutive numbers is $39$. What is their product plus their sum?

Discuss in the user talk.

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