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Hello! My name is Andrew Tian.).
Email: badtoed [if you're not a computer you know what goes here] gmail.com
I have been accepted to Harvard class of 2018 as a janitor.
Carmel High School in Carmel, IN (10th - present)
Waterloo, Ontario (8th - 9th)
Aurora, IL (birth - 7th)
Visit my blog.
Past titles (not exhaustive): Bad Toed, Nitsuga's blog, Nitzuga's blog, baldo gt2o.e0d, baldo gt2o.e4d, bcaod et2d.o2, bcaod et2d.o3, bcaod et2d.o4, bcaod et2d.o7, baldo gc3o.d0e, baldo gc3o.d2e, baldo gc3o.d3e, Glob 3.6 (current)
I am fortunate to know many users well here.
I have known Binomial-theorem, Mrdavid445, chocolate9, and mariekitty the longest.
A few others include but are not limited to r31415, Lord.of.AMC, Seedleaf, jellymoop, djmathman, pi37, geoishard, Nitsuga, geoiseasy, and lazorpenguin27143.
Seedleaf and r31415 are my brothers, jellymoop is my granddaughter, and lazorpenguin27143 is the semi-original Bad Toed.
I am a casual chess/tennis/ping pong player.
I like math and computer science.
I participate in Codeforces, Topcoder, and USACO regularly.
I participate in the AMCs annually.
I have been to Mathpath 2010, AwesomeMath 2011 (UCSC), and Mathcamp 2012.
I have been on the Indiana A1 ARML team in 2011, 2012, 2013.
I have been to HMMT on the Illinois/Indiana Area Team in 2014.
I have met djmethman and have heard nsun48 talk about his pancreas.
=AoPS Wiki=
I created the articles [[user:AwesomeToad|AwesomeToad]], [[The Ross Program]], [[Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists|PROMYS]], [[2011 AMC 10A]], and [[2011 AIME I]].
=AoPS Community=
I am moderator of the Indiana and Alcumus forums.
I do not do anything in the Indiana forum.
I deal with math26 and other users in the Alcumus forum.
60% Libertarian
59% Democratic
53% Republican
(according to isidewith.com)
PQ of 48.9 (very slightly conservative) according to this Tim Groseclose fool.
I have never voted.
That's all from a few months ago but still certain candidate 2016.

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