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As of now, there are 8,964 articles edited by 2 registered users, of which 14 (or 700.00%) are administrators (see Special:Statistics).

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About Me


  • Name: My name is Azjps. I dare you to say that 5x fast.
  • Age: A nonnegative integer
  • Date of birth: $500$ years less than my date of death.
  • Gender: Q
  • State: Well, the United States

My contributions to the AoPSwiki

  • I signed up somewhere around the year 0 AD, plus or minus 10,000 years.
  • I designed this userpage alone!
  • Other pages include this, this, this, and this pages. My favorite one, though, is this article.


<-!- Time to make up some -->

Programming languages I know

@ I am good at [[AoPSwiki-syntax]. <-!- Why isn't the link appearing -->
  • document.write["and C++"];
  • system.out.Print Ln("some Javascript");
  • cout <> "And java";


  • To create new random goals to increase the size of this list
  • To score 500% more on the AIME this year than last year (in other words, I need at least a
$(-1) + (-1)(500/100) = -6$).
  • To not cry when my USAMTS grader tells me again that Because I said so is not a valid explanation.

To Do List


  • Regarding the wiki:
    • Finish the AIMEs (above).

-This is an userpage-

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