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The current Contest of the Week is 1999 AIME (Problems). CotW is a personal effort to help expedite the movement of the resource section to the AoPSWiki. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Completed: 1998 AIME

As of now, there are 9,070 articles edited by 2 registered users, of which 14 (or 700.00%) are administrators . (see Special:Statistics)

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About Me

Not much to know.

  • AMC history: 2006 AMC 10 (forgot which)- 133.5, 2006 AIME - 5, 2007 AMC 12 - 117 :(, 2007 AIME - 7, 2007 USAMO 12
  • USAMTS year 18 - 94 silver. Lost all 6 points on the first round since I was disheartened by the difficulty of the questions, but apparently my graders were nice. 3 commends.
  • Attended Canada/USA MathCamp 2007

I live in New Jersey.

To Do List


  • Regarding the wiki:
    • Finish the AIMEs (above).

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