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(9/20/11) Don't take math tests in moving vehicles.  Seriously.  Ugh.
(9/20/11) Don't take math tests in moving vehicles.  Seriously.  Ugh.
==RManaging (210)==
==RManaging (216)==
===Problems Added but Didn't Post Myself (50)===
===Problems Added but Didn't Post Myself (56)===
[http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Forum/resources.php?c=1&cid=69&year=2011 2011 MMO] (1-4)
[http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Forum/resources.php?c=1&cid=69&year=2011 2011 MMO] (1-4)
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[http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Forum/resources.php?c=1&cid=217&year=2011&sid=40b7f9fa21661bd1a1bddca7c5500fea Lusophon MO 2011] (Day 1-2)
[http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Forum/resources.php?c=1&cid=217&year=2011&sid=40b7f9fa21661bd1a1bddca7c5500fea Lusophon MO 2011] (Day 1-2)
[http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Forum/resources.php?c=174&cid=95&year=1997 1997 Turkey NMO] (Day 1-2)
===Problems Posted by Me but not Added by Me (93)===
===Problems Posted by Me but not Added by Me (93)===

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This is an ongoing progress to interlink a database here with my blog description. If you read this, pm me with the number "963" to receive 10 BP. If you edit this page, please be aware that I will probably change it back to where it was before without warning, unless, of course, you did something that was useful.

AMC 10 Training (10th grade)

1996 AMC 8 (21)

(8/19/11) The first one I took. I'm going to try to go through a few tests a week, variously AMC 8s and 10s. I'm aiming for qualification in the AIME, which means that I need a 120. Here I am starting out with AMC 8s. I got a 21 on this one. If I had read how they were scored, I would've approached the test a bit differently and got a 23. I made a stupid mistake on 6 (ouch), misread 8, and didn't approach 16 correctly. If I had guessed, though, I would've gotten it right. On 20 I used my awesome process of elimination skills and... eliminated the answer. I will not let myself move on to AMC 10's until I get a 25. (Maybe 2 of them, if it doesn't happen soon)

2001 AMC 8 (22)

(8/19/11) Bleh. I had to look up one of the problems because it wasn't complete, and I tried to do another of them without the diagram (which didn't exist). I missed 24 (being stupid), 20 (guessed the wrong one out of 2 possibles), and 14 (need to review Intro to C+P BADLY). Other than that, I need to remember I still have like 5 months left, Algebra 1 and 2 review for fun (AoPS Style) and Algebra 3. Throw in some C+P and I should be fine. I just can't let geo sneak up on me...

1988 AMC 8 (24)

(8/20/11) That's more like it. I would've had a 25 except for #16, where I basically did the opposite of the correct answer. Including instead of excluding the diagonal. I'm finding a lot of typos/errors, so I'll continue to do these for practice and for making them a better resource for the community.

2005 AMC 8 (20)

(8/20/11) Bleh. This seems to be one of the harder ones so far, and it hit me right in the geo and C+P. *sigh*

1990 AMC 8 (21)

(8/28/11) 9 was a fail. 12 was a fail. 16... I'm ok with missing that one, same with 19. Actually, this should've been 23. Grr. Need to check my work.

1993 AMC 8 (24)

I missed number 24. I noticed the "wrong" pattern. SO CLOSE.

2006 AMC 8 (25)

(8/29/11) YAY! Since it took me this long to get a perfect, I'll try for another before starting the AMC 10s. Then I'll sprinkle in an AMC 8 every 2 or 3 contests. (Not that I remembered the answers, but many of these problems... I remember them from FTW.

1995 AMC 8 (24)

(8/?/11) Missed #18. Found it on my desk ungraded from last month, so I don't remember much about it :P

2001 AMC 10 (111)

(9/19/11) Looking good. With algebra review, Intermediate Algebra, and a skimming of Intro to C+P, I should be able to get 130+ consistently by spring.

2008 AMC 8 (21)

(9/20/11) Don't take math tests in moving vehicles. Seriously. Ugh.

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