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Hi and this is my wiki. Feel free to edit and it play around on it and then get reported. I used to bomb my rating but I gave up after being trolled by a bunch of other bombers so that ended my quest to get a negative rating which was stopped at the awesome rating of 699, barely under the 700 mark like a boss. And no my real name is definitely not Bob it shall remain a secret to the people who know it... Derp Here's the list-(you better not try to ask them to find my real name) epicadam, feastdan1, bozghaleh1, DevonW, awesomemath123, promathist99, AkshajK, GoldenRatioPhi, Yizbenlazzer, va2010, david_sun, ws5188, ss5188, and a bunch of other people I'm forgetting...derp Herpdy derp!!! Feel free to make my wiki more awesomer.

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