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duskstream, better off known as Dusky of duckstream (but she doesn't like it) has been on AoPS since 2019. Her former username was her real name, and had been changed somewhere in late 2020. Duskstream is known on fandom as Anonymous Rookie or Anon, and has been on Fandom for over 10 Months.

duskstream in real life
duskstream was born on February 7, 2009 (Do the math for her age) in New Jersey, and still lives there as of April 22, 2021. Unlike her more "social personality" that she possesses online, the real duskstream is more introverted, arrogant, and tends to be rude and selfish at times (yes, duskstream herself wrote this). Dusky is a fan of the murder mystery visual novel Danganronpa, although she has never played the games. Despite this, she knows a lot about it- thanks to the Danganronpa Wiki[1]. Dusky has also joined the Danganronpa Subreddit[2] (and currently has about 2.5K Karma).
Dusky is also learning a bit of Python, and knows a bit of HTML (just a bit), thanks to joining the Fandom website and editing pages with the Source Editor. In her free time, Dusky enjoys scrolling the Internet, playing Minecraft and Human Fall Flat, going on AoPS Forums, Drawing, and Reading.

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