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Birds. And birds. So, I've had quite a few questions about my username. It is the latin name for the American Kestrel, my favorite bird ever.

If you are interested in birding, I strongly recommend checking out these links: and

So what type of gear do I use or bring with me in the field? Well, I use Vanguard 8x42 binoculars, which have a good range, and are very easy to keep steady. I also use a Vanguard spotting scope (I'm not sure what the range is). With that, I have a Vanguard tripod which makes the scope very easy to carry about. I always bring a field guide with me. I usually bring my Sibley, and I also bring my Shewey and Blount guide. I bring my sketchbook to draw the birds and I bring my drawing supplies. If it's a long watch, I'll bring snacks and water. I want a camera so hopefully I'll get one soon. Also, you need a field bag to bring with you while in the field.