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====Master Challenges====
====Master Challenges====
[[File:Master 1.jpeg|center|600px]]
[[File:Master 1.jpeg|center|600px]]<p>
[[File:Master 2.png|center|600px]]<p>
[[File:Master 2.png|center|600px]]
[[File:Master 3.jpeg|center|600px]]
[[File:Master 3.jpeg|center|600px]]

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Hi Everyone,

I am Flame Kho. I am currently working in England and quite fluent in both English and Mandarin.

I have a broad range of interests: mathematics, Cover Chess, classic Chinese songs, travels, etc. I also enjoy creating certificates for chess winners. Visit this page for my interests and artworks. :)

Below is my upcoming avatar, which I will change two weeks from now.




I am an amateur problem-solver. I am so proud of my contribution to 2021 AMC 10A Problem 25 (Solution 4).

Cover Chess

Cover Chess is a variant of Xiangqi (Chinese Chess), where all pieces are covered initially. The game has a considerable amount of luck--even amateur players have a chance of beating masters.

I managed many Cover Chess tournaments and participated in certificate-making. See my artworks below.

Guess Songs

I am a fan of Chinese classic music. I recognize a lot of songs. If you want to challenge me on guessing songs, I will always be here! :)


In this section, I will show you my artworks across different areas. I am the original author for all of the artworks below.

Hope you enjoy them! :)


Cover Chess

Cover Chess Certificate 1.jpeg      Cover Chess Certificate 2.jpeg

Cover Chess Certificate 3.jpeg      Cover Chess Certificate 7.jpeg

Cover Chess Certificate 8.jpeg

Cover Chess Certificate 4.jpeg    Cover Chess Certificate 5.jpeg    Cover Chess Certificate 6.jpeg

Guess Songs



Valentine Speed Chess Tournament

Season 2.jpegSeason 3.jpegSeason 4.jpeg
Season 5.jpegSeason 6.jpegSeason 7.jpeg
Season 8.jpegSeason 9.jpegSeason 10.jpeg

Master Challenges

Master 1.jpeg

Master 2.png

Master 3.jpeg

Other Chess Tournaments

Chess Poster 1.jpeg

Chess Poster 2.jpeg

Chess Poster 3.jpeg

Chess Poster 4.jpeg







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