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Leonard_my_dude: An Autobiography

Early Life

Leonard was born yesterday. No info yet.


See below. Only 1 currently

Proof of the Central 15 Chord Group (Part 4 of the 13 Questions)

Leonard_my_dude was able to prove the Central 15 Chord Group, more well known as the 15 Theorem. This requires advanced barycentric coordinates and some vector projections; for instance we can consider the false circle $AA'x_1C13$ and easily notice that there is a orthogonal projection satisfying condition 4; therefore $A$ actually does not lie on the false circle, a contradiction. We can do this for all of the other ones and as proven in his/her book Newly Discovered Theorems (which is available on for only 14 dollars and you can get it at Leonard proved that there would only be one bary coordinate such that all 12 circles encompass an area of 4 or greater in comparison to the vectors $\vec{A'O}$ and $\vec{AO}$. Thus, the statement is proved. Of course this is not vigorous but you can easily verify it by searching it up on Wiki.


Yesterday And that concludes this autobiograhy.

by Leonard_my_dude

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