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Leonard_my_dude: An Autobiography

Early Life

Leonard was born yesterday. No info yet.


See below. Only 1 currently

Proof of the Central 15 Chord Group (Part 4 of the 13 Questions)

Leonard_my_dude was able to prove the Central 15 Chord Group, more well known as the 15 Theorem. This requires advanced barycentric coordinates and some vector projections; for instance we can consider the false circle $AA'x_1C13$ and easily notice that there is a orthogonal projection satisfying condition 4; therefore $A$ actually does not lie on the false circle, a contradiction. We can do this for all of the other ones and as proven in his/her book Newly Discovered Theorems (which is available on Amazon.com for only 14 dollars and you can get it at https://www.amazon.com/Code-Evaluation-Protocols-Eminently-Qualified/dp/0981618820/ref=zg_bs_books_7?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DFA0KC8SJRQQ9FJZQY6G.) Leonard proved that there would only be one bary coordinate such that all 12 circles encompass an area of 4 or greater in comparison to the vectors $\vec{A'O}$ and $\vec{AO}$. Thus, the statement is proved. Of course this is not vigorous but you can easily verify it by searching it up on Wiki.



And that concludes this autobiograhy.

by Leonard_my_dude

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