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MySpace Name: mysmartmouth
MySpace Name: mysmartmouth
== My AoPSWiki Contributions ==
* Proofread & Corrected numerous articles
* Started [[parabola]] article
* Wrote [[MIMC]] article; also wrote (separate) MIMC article on Wikipedia
* Added a lot of content to [[Princeton Math Competition]]
* Created & Wrote [[South Carolina mathematics]] Article, which is now split into various aricles, such as [[South Carolina MathCounts]] and [[South Carolina ARML]].
* Created & Maintained [[common factorizations]], which is now merged with [[factoring]]
* Added a long list of Useful Codes to the [[LaTeX]] article
* Added History section to [[Chinese Remainder Theorem]]
* Created & Wrote [[Pascal's Triangle]] article
* Created and Wrote [[Stars]], now moved to  [[AoPS forums tutorial]]
* Created Tutorials template - please use!
* Converted LaTeX and copied in (from Formulary) [[Symbols & conventions]] - a daunting task that needs to be completed!
* Created tutorial [[Templates & categories]], so others can create templates

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About Me

I'm Sean, a 9th grader in South Carolina. I'm a moderator of several AoPS forums, including Careers in Mathematics, Other US Contests & Programs, and the South Carolina community forum. I am also a Resource Manager, so if you post a problem that needs to be included in the resources section, please contact me. My interests include: math, tennis, soccer, & Halo 2.

Profiles & Info

AoPS Screename: mysmartmouth

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ICQ Number: 212739828

Yahoo Chess Screename: seans41k

Email Address: seansoni@gmail.com

MySpace Name: mysmartmouth

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