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All I do for fun is study for math competitions. Compete in the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League (MSHSML), and a member of the Minnesota All-State Math Team. Memorized over 500 digits of $\pi$ also.

$e^{\pi i} = -1$ is better than $e^{\pi i}+1 =0$

Reddit Account (Occasionally post math memes)

Custom-Built Pi Memorizing web application

Asymptote Tests [asy] size(300); fill(arc((0,0),1,-90,90)--(0,0)--cycle,rgb(0,0.6,1)); fill(arc((0,3.5),1,-90,90)--(0,3.5)--cycle,rgb(0,0.6,1)); fill(arc((6,3.5),1,-90,90)--(6,3.5)--cycle,rgb(0,0.6,1)); fill(arc((3,0),1,180,0)--(3,0)--cycle,rgb(0,0.6,1)); fill(arc((3,3.5),1,180,0)--(3,3.5)--cycle,rgb(0,0.6,1)); fill(arc((6,0),1,180,0)--(6,0)--cycle,rgb(0,0.6,1));  for (int j=0; j<2; ++j) {  for (int i=0; i<3; ++i)  {   draw((-1.2+3i,3.5j)--(1.2+3i,3.5j));   draw((3*i,-1.2+3.5j)--(3*i,1.2+3.5j));   draw(circle((3*i,3.5j),1));    } } label("$\mathrm{arccsc}$",(0,1.5)); label("$\mathrm{arcsec}$",(3,1.5)); label("$\mathrm{arccot}$",(6,1.5)); label("$\arcsin$",(0,5)); label("$\arccos$",(3,5)); label("$\arctan$",(6,5));  [/asy]

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