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[asy] // ALL CODE BELONGS TO OBJECTZ. DO NOT STEAL WITHOUT PERMISSION. // background fill((0,0)--(55,0)--(55,-49)--(0,-49)--cycle,white); // accent draw((4,-43)--(8,-41)--(14,-35)--(18,-27)--(19,-24)--(20,-20)--(21,-15)--(22,-12)--(24,-8)--(28,-4)--(46,-4)--(46,-10)--(45,-18)--(44,-23)--(43,-26)--(41,-30)--(39,-32)--(38,-34)--(33,-39)--(29,-41)--(26,-42)--(22,-43)--cycle,rgb(227,29,26)); fill((4,-43)--(8,-41)--(14,-35)--(18,-27)--(19,-24)--(20,-20)--(21,-15)--(22,-12)--(24,-8)--(28,-4)--(46,-4)--(46,-10)--(45,-18)--(44,-23)--(43,-26)--(41,-30)--(39,-32)--(38,-34)--(33,-39)--(29,-41)--(26,-42)--(22,-43)--cycle,rgb(227,29,26)); [/asy]


Recently, I have been working on the NESCAFÉ Accent with Asymptote, and it didn't take really long. I found this easier than the Volkswagen Logo.

More Information

Starting Off

First, I copied an image of the NESCAFÉ Accent to my clipboard, and then I pasted it in Microsoft Paint.


I used the pipette tool to find the color, and then I used it on making the NESCAFÉ Accent. Here is the color below.

[asy] axialshade(unitsquare,rgb(227,29,26),(0,0),rgb(227,29,26),(1,1)); [/asy]


Overall, this was actually pretty easy.

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