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[asy] // ALL CODE BELONGS TO OBJECTZ. DO NOT STEAL WITHOUT PERMISSION.  // background fill((0,0)--(600,0)--(600,-600)--(0,-600)--cycle,black);  // outer circle import TrigMacros; filldraw(circle((300,-300),300),darkblue); filldraw(circle((300,-300),265),black);  // v draw((172,-69)--(273,-279)--(327,-279)--(426,-69)--(426,-50)--(385,-50)--(299.5,-231)--(214,-50)--(172,-50)--(172,-69)--cycle,darkblue); fill((172,-69)--(273,-279)--(327,-279)--(426,-69)--(426,-50)--(385,-50)--(299.5,-231)--(214,-50)--(172,-50)--(172,-69)--cycle,darkblue);   // w draw((75,-165)--(213.5,-425)--(271,-303)--(328,-303)--(387,-425)--(523,-163)--(549,-163)--(549,-213)--(393,-516)--(388,-520)--(382,-520)--(377,-516)--(301,-351)--(298,-351)--(224,-516)--(218,-520)--(212,-520)--(207,-516)--(49,-213)--(49,-165)--(75,-165)--cycle,darkblue); fill((75,-165)--(213.5,-425)--(271,-303)--(328,-303)--(387,-425)--(523,-163)--(549,-163)--(549,-213)--(393,-516)--(388,-520)--(382,-520)--(377,-516)--(301,-351)--(298,-351)--(224,-516)--(218,-520)--(212,-520)--(207,-516)--(49,-213)--(49,-165)--(75,-165)--cycle,darkblue); [/asy]

After making the Samsung Logo, I decided to make a series of logos, like piphi. But, I will not use any of piphi's code, and I'm probably not going to code the logos piphi codes.

More Info

Starting Off

First, I copied an image of the Volkswagen logo, and then I pasted it in mspaint.


I didn't use the pipette this time, so I just used a color that fits.

[asy] axialshade(unitsquare,darkblue,(0,0),darkblue,(1,1)); [/asy]


Overall, this felt easier than the Samsung logo. It consisted of less line segments and filling, because the Volkswagen logo consists of a V and a W, both of which do not have that many curves, and I find it easy.

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