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About Me

OlympusHero is currently borderline AIME.

OlympusHero is 10 years old.

OlympusHero scored 47/46 (got an extra point for finishing the test under 10 minutes) when mocking the 2019 MATHCOUNTS State test, and got silver on the 2020 online MATHCOUNTS State.

OlympusHero is a pro at math and chess

OlympusHero for brown MOP 2021

OlympusHero was #1 at the 2017 Chess World Cadets U8 (He was 7 years old)

OlympusHero is pro at joking believe it.

OlympusHero is much better than Rusczyk at math yes or no, no one knows.


A User Count of 300

Make AIME 2021 (Currently borderline)

Get 5 or more on AIME I 2021 (Mocked a 3 on the 2020 AIME I a few months ago)

Get to 40 or more on the MATHCOUNTS Trainer Nationals Level (25/40)

Get a perfect score and First Place in IMO 2021.

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