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About Me

OlympusHero is currently borderline AIME.

OlympusHero is 10 years old.

OlympusHero scored 47/46 (got an extra point for finishing the test under 10 minutes) when mocking the 2019 MATHCOUNTS State test, and got silver on the 2020 online MATHCOUNTS State.

OlympusHero is a pro at math and chess

OlympusHero for brown MOP 2021

OlympusHero was #1 at the 2017 Chess World Cadets U8 (He was 7 years old)

OlympusHero is pro at joking believe it.

OlympusHero is much better than Rusczyk at math yes or no, no one knows. (he's not)

OlympusHero is very pro and is much better than bestzack66 in MC trainer, Alcumus, and FTW. ~bestzack66


A User Count of 300

Make AIME 2021 (Currently borderline)

Get 5 or more on AIME I 2021 (Mocked a 3 on the 2020 AIME I a few months ago)

Get to 40 or more on the MATHCOUNTS Trainer Nationals Level (25/40)

Get a perfect score and First Place in IMO 2021.

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