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About Me

Piphi is legendary and made the USA IMO team in 2019.

Piphi is the creator of the AoPS Wiki Games by Piphi, the future of games on AoPS.

Piphi started the signature trend at around May 2020.

Piphi is an extremely OP person - LJCoder619.

Piphi is OP --Aray10 (talk) 23:22, 17 June 2020 (EDT)

Piphi has been very close to winning multiple Greed Control games, piphi placed 5th in game #18 and 2nd in game #19. Thanks to piphi, Greed Control games have started to be kept track of. Piphi made a spreadsheet that has all of Greed Control history here.

Piphi also found out who won Reaper games #1 and #2 as seen here.

Piphi has been called op by many AoPSers, including the legendary Radio2 himself here. (note: Radio2 calls many users op.)

Piphi created the AoPS Administrators page, added most of the AoPS Admins to it, and created the scrollable table.

Piphi has also added a lot of the info that is in the Reaper Archives.

Piphi has a side-project that is making the Wiki's Main Page look better, you can check that out here.

Piphi published Greed Control Game 19 statistics here.

Piphi has a post that was made an announcement on a official AoPS Forum here.

Piphi is a proud member of The Interuniversal GMAAS Society.

Piphi says "ok boomer" on aops 10 times a day.


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