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<h2 style="border-bottom: 1px solid; color: #1b365d;">New to the AoPS Wiki?</h2>
If you don't know much about how to edit a wiki, you might want to read the [[AoPSWiki:Tutorial|tutorial]] and the [[Help:Contents|help files]]. You can also read [[AoPSWiki:What AoPSWiki is not|what AoPSWiki is not]]. Lastly, please read the [[AoPSWiki:Policy|policies]] of the AoPSWiki before editing, and [[AoPSWiki:What makes AoPSWiki different|why AoPSWiki is different from other online resources]].
AoPSWiki runs on the [[MediaWiki]] software.

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2014 AIME II, Problem 5

Real numbers $r$ and $s$ are roots of $p(x)=x^3+ax+b$, and $r+4$ and $s-3$ are roots of $q(x)=x^3+ax+b+240$. Find the sum of all possible values of $|b|$.


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