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Put your username below if you want to play chess through the wiki. I will be going through this list periodically and add people to games. If you have any preference on who you want to play against then put their username in parenthesis nest to your username.

Note: If you want to play another game while you're in a game or once you've finished a game then just add your username to the end of signup list, no need to do anything else.

  • piphi assigned to game 1
  • BorealBear (But I am not on often :|) assigned to game 1
  • awesomeguy856 assigned to game 2
  • Heavytoothpaste, I play a lot :) assigned to game 2
  • FaerieDragon88, (I’m on frequently) assigned to game 3
  • williamxiao (don't know if i will be any good at this) assigned to game 3
  • Mark888 (I'll fail horribly, let's do this) assigned to game 4
  • ARay10 (But I'm worse) assigned to game 4
  • wuwang2002 (I will just try)





Game #1 piphi v BorealBear

Game is here. Discussion is here

Game #2 awesomeguy856 v Heavytoothpaste

Game is here. Discussion is here

Game #3 FaerieDragon88 v williamxiao

Game is here. Discussion is here

Game #4 Mark888 v ARay10

Game is here. Discussion is here

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