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Put your username below if you want to play chess through the wiki. I will be going through this list periodically and add people to games. If you have any preference on who you want to play against then put their username in parenthesis next to your username.

Note: You are allowed to be in a maximum of 3 games at once.

  • piphi assigned to game 1
  • CreativeHedgehog(want to verse Piphi) assigned to game 1
  • Kmath1234 (vs Piphi please) assigned to game 2
  • piphi assigned to game 2
  • pandapo (anybody's fine, unless piphi wants to max out on games played simultaneously) assigned to game 3
  • piphi assigned to game 3
  • wuwang2002 (I want to make another few games with piphi)


User:Piphi/Connect 4/Rules


User:Piphi/Connect 4/Help

Game #1 piphi v CreativeHedgehog

Game is here. Discussion is here.

Game #2 Kmath1234 v piphi

Game is here. Discussion is here.

Game #3 pandapo v piphi

Game is here. Discussion is here.

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