r15s11z55y89w21 is a Northern Californian that joined AoPS on October 30, 2008. He is the only user in Navier-Stokes Equations posting status out of those that joined in the 2008-2009 school year, as of May 2009. (July 2009: PowerOfPi is the new "newest" Navier-Stokes Equations user.) He is commonly seen on FTW, and on the AoPS website in general.

The Mystery of the Obnoxiously Puzzling Username

Many have wondered about the possible meaning of r15s11z55y89w21's 15-character long username, and many different conjectures have been made. Here are a few of the myriads of conjectures:

-Screwed Up Chemical Formula

-dragon96 proposed "really outstanding student kill zero cats yearly, kevin wu

-james4l found a method of deriving part (but only a small part) of r15s11z55y89w21's real name from his username

dragon96 has been highly discouraged due to r15s11z55y89w21;'s username, as the username and the corresponding person's height presents a huge counterexample for The dragon96 Username-length-Height Correlation Theory.

42 and 1337


The Fifteen Numbers

In r15s11z55y89w21's early blog, he posted 15 numbers in the blog description. Afterward, he rarely posts the 15 numbers as a whole. He believes these 15 numbers to be really lucky for some unknown reason, and when asked how the 15 numbers are derived does not wish to disclose the response. dragon96 was the only user that has taken a little time to attempt memorization of the 15 numbers, but has long since forgotten them.


r15s11z55y89w21 has a huge fondness for the number 382. This fondness came a few weeks into entering AoPS. Later, he discovered that $2(15+11+55+89+21)=382$, and that $382$ is also $\frac{2}{7}(1337)$, further intensifying his fondness of the number. He also often uses the number in very special cases. Contrary to belief, 382 was actually not one of the fifteen numbers, although highly related to two of the fifteen.

The Daily Logic Puzzle

On May 1, 2009, r15s11z55y89w21 started a Daily Logic Puzzle, for which a problem is posted daily for enthusiastic math and logic lovers to solve. The next day, r15s11z55y89w21 posts the answer and a leaderboard that displays the most outstanding of the participants in the Daily Logic Puzzle. The puzzles range from easy to very difficult, and also vary in point value. Partial points is given for close or incomplete answers. In some puzzles, he offers a hint, for which if a user, after receiving the hint, gets the puzzle correct, they get half points.

The Legend of the Thirteenth Moon

On April 2, 2009, r15s11z55y89w21 introduced the game "The Legend of the Thirteenth Moon" (LTM), a game that has some alluded characteristics to the AoPS world. The game is based on Forthewinians (inhabitants of the thirteenth moon of AoPSia, Forthewinia) fighting against Eipia, a rising rival, to protect AoPSia. The game is highly complex, and players are challenged to use the best of their strategy and logical thinking skills to try to win the game.

LTM: The Sequel

After the Legend of the Thirteenth Moon is officially finished, it is planned that Dojo will host the sequel of LTM.

FTW Status

As of June 7, 2009, r15s11z55y89w21 is 4th in Games Won and 7th in Games Played. In his FTW history, his lowest rating was 1039 and his highest was 1664. He has won over 700 countdowns.

July 7 Update: 3rd in Games Won, 8th in Games Played Approximately 800 countdowns won

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