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I can edit Wow nice

About Me

Rusczyk is currently borderline AIME.

Rusczyk just turned 13 years old.

Rusczyk scored 44/46 when mocking the 2018 MATHCOUNTS State test, and got silver on the 2020 online MATHCOUNTS State held on AoPS.

Rusczyk is a pro at maths and physics

Rusczyk has come world and country #1 in various international tournaments and competitions starting from 2017

I am better than Rusczyk at math


A User Count of $\color{white}{\infty}$

Make AIME 2021 (Currently borderline)

Pass AP Calculus AB, BC and AP Physics exam

Get in the Alcumus HoF in the next 6 months

Convince OlympusHero that he is better than Rusczyk (at Math)

Get $\color{white}{2 \times}$ medals this year as compared to what they did last year. That is $\color{white}{2 \times 14 = \boxed{28}}$ which is nearly impossible.

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