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I am presently writing [[Number Base]] and [[International Science and Engineering Fair]]. If someone could disambiguate me on disambiguation pages, I'd appreciate it ;). Secondly, if someone could help me introduce the concept of number base, I've never found a good way of explaining it.
See my contributions over there in the toolbox. My favorite pages are [[International Science and Engineering Fair]] and [[improper fractional base]]. I wonder why?

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Hello, my name is Billy Dorminy, and my favorite word is 'poecilonym'. 'Poecilonym' is just a synonym of ... 'synonym'!

I have had quite an interesting past, not much of which has been mathematical. In a time far, far away, as in second grade, I participated in MOEMS, earning an unknown score, but I did get a 3 on one of the tests. And then, I was not ready to join the world yet, so I went back into studying. (Or something like that.)

Then there was 7th grade. I happened, for no reason at all :D, to go to the National Word Power Challenge. It so happened that I came in 4th. (Out of the 3 million participants nationwide.) And I heard about Mathcounts then.

IIRC I took the AMC-10 that year, with a not-wonderful score.

8th grade (2005) I went back to Word Power and came in 2nd, winning a $15,000 scholarship. This time I heard about the International Science and Engineering Fair. The 6th grader who won is the sister of an AoPSer, one who hasn't posted, it is true, but still an AoPSer. And Ming-Ming went to National Mathcounts 2006.

I also went to National Mathcounts (despite the state competition being held the _day after_ state WP). I recruited 2 AoPSers there. Took the AMC-12 too, with a score in the 80s. Oh, did I mention I went to state Geography Bee?

9th grade I took the AMC12A with a score of 98.5 and the AMC10B with a score of 136; I got a 7 on the AIME. I also gave my Word Power study stuffs to Joe Shepherd, who used them better than I had and came in 1st, winning $25,000.

I participated in the International Science and Engineering Fair, managing to go to ISEF from the Georgia State Science Fair (most people go to ISEF from their regional competition). Unfortunately, I did a horrendous job on my presentation to my judges, so I didn't win anything. However, I of course recruited a new AoPSer from ISEF. :)

I also went to ARML at Penn State, got sick, and scored a 2. Gr.


I am a moderator on the Mathcounts and MOEMS forums. If anyone sees anything wrong in those forums, feel free to contact me.


See my contributions over there in the toolbox. My favorite pages are International Science and Engineering Fair and improper fractional base. I wonder why?


I am a Christian. Denominationally, I am somewhat pulled between Baptist and Presbyterian.


I am quite pleasantly homeschooled, and have been forever and ever. It is quite pleasant indeed. I have 4 present siblings and one coming, which is not nearly so many as Joe Shepherd has :). Joe must have so much fun.

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