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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my user talk page. In here, feel free to leave messages about anything you'd like (chats with me, AoPS contribution suggestions, hobbies, movies, music, ...). Let's get a casual time here. :)

I will be responding your messages as soon as I see them. Have fun!

The bottom line here is to be respectful. My pet Hippopotamus will be watching you!




Leave your chat messages here! Rayford: First! Rayford: Hello😀. Rayford: How do you make a talk page?(Not you Profile page.)

  • Rayford had went offline from the chat*

Kfcruan: Hi, how do you create your on chatting page? Kfrcuan: I'd also like to thank you for helping me get solutions for all of these competition problems. --------->  :)

Hello Rayford,

The chat page is just the Discussion Page. You can find that on the left toolbar (just underneath the user page).

I believe anyone at AoPS has the right to edit the others' chat page, when he/she wants to leave a message. :)

Hello Kfcruan,

You are welcome. Glad that you liked my solutions! :)

You just asked the same question as Rayford did (Chatting page is the same as talk page). I answered it last time.

Contribution Suggestions

Leave your suggestions for my AoPS contributions here!


Leave your hobbies here!


Leave any other types of messages here!

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