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AAMC is the AoPS Annual Mathematics Competition, first founded by reddragon644. Each year, there are 6 people writing and solving the competition tests, with 1 host. The host changes each year, giving every AoPSer a chance to host AAMC. Each host can administrate the competition whichever way they want, but the rules cannot be completely changed. However, the number of rounds in the competition can be changed. More information about this competition can be found at http://aopsm.weebly.com.


1. Do not use a calculator. It is not recommended, since some questions are too hard to even understand, while some questions are really easy, but do not even require a calculator.

2. Time yourself. This shows honesty, though we did want to make it online, so we could time it, in case you were not honest.

3. Have fun!

4. Make sure to follow the past 3 steps!

Previous Tests

Host Year Initial Discussion Problems Answers Results/Discussion
1st Annual AoPS Math Competition reddragon644 2017 [ Initial Discussion] [ Problems] [ Answers] [ Results / Discussion]
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