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Training Today's Brightest Minds to Solve Tomorrow's Problems
Art of Problem Solving creates educational materials for motivated students in grades 1–12. Our books, classes, and online resources help students become creative, successful problem solvers.
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Textbooks and Online Classes for Grades 5–12
Full math curriculum plus free educational resources to take middle and high school students far beyond the basics.
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Engaging Math Books and Online Lessons for Students in Grades 1–5
Math education told through richly illustrated stories that help kids build a strong foundation in math and learn to love problem solving.
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In-Person Learning — Coming to a City Near You
Twelve AoPS Academy locations are already open, offering math, science, and language arts courses after school, on weekends, and over the summer. In addition to our physical locations, we are excited to offer a range of virtual courses, making our quality education accessible to students everywhere. More locations to come!
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We Live and Breathe Mathematics
Since 1993, AoPS has helped hundreds of thousands of passionate students succeed in the classroom and beyond. We know that learning math means more than memorizing formulas or doing lots of simple calculations quickly. Students deserve teachers and peers who share their enthusiasm and a curriculum that helps them think critically and understand concepts on a deeper level. AoPS provides the opportunity to learn to solve problems by trying, failing, and ultimately succeeding.
It's been a remarkable experience watching our children grow in knowledge, skills, and confidence while taking your courses. Thank you so much for your service in shaping our children's minds and abilities.
Erica C
I've been talking to my mom so much about how I love Beast Academy that she told me to write you instead. I love your books! They are the best thing that ever happened to math.
Patricia is really enjoying her Sunday math class. For the first time since we started sending our daughter to education centers 5 years ago, she's now walking out of class with a big smile on her face.
AoPS Academy Parent
I've been using the AoPS Precalculus textbook with my high school students this year. They immediately realized that math is much more than a set of techniques to apply to routine problems. I'm glad they're developing confidence in their own abilities, discovering concepts and mastering problem-solving techniques.
Vern Williams
My daughter took an online class and absolutely loved it. Since then, I often find her saying to herself Don't just stare at the problem—do something. What do you know? By using these techniques, she's learning to keep trying, even when she faces a hard problem.
AoPS Online Parent
Your Alcumus tool has been invaluable in developing my students' problem-solving skills. It's really helping deepen their mastery of the topics we're learning in class.
Middle School Math Teacher
We credit AoPS's math classes for our daughter's strong essay writing skills. Her weekly writing problems have taught her to organize her thoughts, approach problems logically, express herself clearly, and justify her assertions. All of those skills have transferred seamlessly into the realm of English composition.
AoPS Online Parent
My kids are having fun with Beast Academy and I love how deeply they're thinking about math. The best part for me is that they can read the guidebook and do the practice work on their own, but I know they're still being challenged.
Beast Academy Parent
Our son is really loving his third-grade math class at AoPS Academy. His teacher is enthusiastic and warm and really makes learning fun. As parents, we also really appreciate the feedback we get about his learning.
AoPS Academy Parent
I work every week with a group of high-achieving third graders and recently started using Beast Academy. My students love the problems and always beg to read the Guide books! Your curriculum does a wonderful job keeping students interested in challenging activities that get them to engage with math on a deeper level.
Beast Academy Teacher
Through AoPS, I've learned to find patterns in unexpected places, break complicated problems down into manageable steps, and make connections, applying what I've learned in one field to solve a problem in another.
AoPS Online Student