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Our Team

Below are the people building Art of Problem Solving from our office in sunny San Diego. Click on each image to learn more, and check out our Careers page if you'd like to join the team!

We also have dozens of amazing instructors teaching in our online school. They're a lot like our full-time team. They grew up loving math, and many were winners of major math awards and graduates of schools like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton. Click here to learn more about our teachers.

Helena Abney-McPeek
Software Engineer
Helena joined AoPS in 2022 after graduating from Harvard with a degree in computer science. She was introduced to math and puzzles at an early age, and her journey with AoPS began in middle school when she started using Alcumus for fun and to prepare for math competitions. Early in high school, she discovered computer science and was fascinated by the potential of computer science and programming to create new tools to help solve a variety of problems. In addition to math and computer science, Helena also has a lifelong love of music. She grew up playing the violin, singing, and composing, and was a member of several musical groups in college. In her spare time, she enjoys singing in choir, playing ultimate Frisbee, and taking walks in nature.
Jess Alexander
AoPS Academy Business Operations Coordinator
Jess gated from the University of Rochester with a degree in clinical and social psychology, and worked as a research coordinator prior to joining AoPS. Jess has a love for the scientific process, problem solving, statistics, and teaching/mentoring. Outside of work, she enjoys learning new songs on guitar and ukulele, taking care of her collection of plants, practicing ice skating and roller-skating maneuvers, finding new coffee shops and places to explore in San Diego, and taking online courses about everything from HTML to dog psychology.
Walker Anderson
Software Engineer
From a young age, Walker has had a love for the underlying mathematics of puzzles and games. They joined AoPS in 2023 after graduating from MIT with a degree in mathematics with computer science. Walker enjoys theoretical computer science, including developing efficient algorithms to solve problems and analyzing the computational complexity of games and puzzles. In their free time, Walker competes on the US Puzzle Team and writes beginner-friendly puzzles for the Genuinely Approachable Pencil Puzzle series. They also enjoy indie video games, geocaching, and video game soundtracks.
Doga Ari
Beast Academy Graphic Designer
Doga Ari is a graphic designer who was born in Turkey. After a few years of work experience as a professional graphic designer following her bachelor’s degree, she was awarded a scholarship to study in Milan Polytechnic University where she got a masters degree in communication design. After returning from Italy to Turkey, she began work as a teaching assistant. She is now living and working in San Diego. As a graphic designer, she finds her greatest joy in making artist's books, illustrating children’s books, collecting zines, and experimenting with DIY projects.
Gizelle Avitia Mojica
Family Engagement Specialist
Gizelle, a proud graduate of the University of California, earned her Bachelor's in Public Health with a minor in Psychology. She's all about giving back to her community and inspiring the next generation through her passion for helping others. In her free time, you can catch her hiking, exploring new spots in the city, or trying out different cuisines. Gizelle thrives on learning, soaking up knowledge from every corner of life. With her passion for helping others and her adventurous spirit, she's ready to make a meaningful impact in her role and continue spreading positivity wherever she goes.
Esme Bajo
Math Curriculum Developer
Esme always loved math problems, puzzles, and games! She earned her bachelor’s degrees in math and computer science from the University of Chicago in 2019, and a PhD in math from UC Berkeley in 2024. During graduate school, she became passionate about math education and taught math for Mount Tamalpais College at San Quentin State Prison. Outside of math, Esme enjoys spending time outside with her dog Rio and anything to do with the ocean (scuba diving, surfing, etc.).
Amie Barder
Director of Customer Service Textbooks & Online Services
After earning her BA in Media and Communications at UC San Diego, Amie began her career in magazine publishing as a production manager. She transitioned into software when the first iPad was released and later returned to school to earn her MA in Ed Tech and Certificate in Project Management at San Diego State University. She has worked in customer service for over 15 years in various capacities (support, success, and experience) and has a passion for both solving problems and improving processes. In her free time, she enjoys baking, thrifting, and spending time with her husband, 2 kiddos, and 1 doggo.
Stephen Barrack
Software Engineer
From a young age, Stephen put his creative mind to assembling sets of interlocking bricks, taking them apart, and arranging them into something new or next-level. The game was over when he learned he could do the same with electronics and programs. As soon he was old enough, Stephen got a work permit from his high school and, putting himself through the wringer, graduated SDSU with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2019. He came out having reverse-engineered a video game controller and self-taught knowledge of web technology. Building upon that knowledge, Stephen has made and improved various web apps for different clients and businesses. Today, he enjoys swimming, reading philosophy or fantasy, and playing table-top games with friends and family.
Joseph Barron
Software Architecture Team Lead
Joseph joined AoPS in 2018 during his final semester studying software development at Western Governors University. He first picked up programming by learning to create computer games in elementary school. Since then, he has spent years creating bizarre game prototypes and practicing web development. Joseph also utilized his self-taught skills to lead game development teams at both Grossmont College and UC Berkeley. Prior to attending WGU, he spent a year away from academics, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, to develop and market his own desktop app for gaming live-streamers. Outside of programming, he enjoys digital art, karaoke, sushi, and Guitar Hero.
Dylan Barva
Software Engineer
Dylan first interned at AoPS as a Software Engineering Intern in Summer 2023 before coming back to join us as a full-time Software Engineer. He graduated from UC San Diego, majoring in Computer Science and working as a tutor for the Computer Science & Engineering department, helping students in classes such as Intro to CS, Data Structures, and Software Engineering. Dylan got his start in software development by programming robots as a member of his high school’s FIRST Robotics Competition team. These days, he spends his free time reading books, playing too many video games, and volunteering at youth robotics events whenever he can find the time.
Justin Bascos
Marketing Designer
Justin is a Designer and Illustrator passionate about designing for social good. He has lived everywhere from the Philippines, Pennsylvania, and the Bay Area. He graduated from UCSD, and has lived in San Diego ever since. His past experiences include designing for local nonprofits, most notably the San Diego Asian Film Festival, and Classy + GoFundMe. In his free time, he loves going to concerts and events, watching films, reading books, going to the gym, and taking care of his plants.
Allie Bateman
BA Classroom Operations Director
Allie is fueled by curiosity and optimism and is happiest when she’s learning new things. She grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, and has BAs in Anthropology and African-American Studies, a M.Ed. in School Counseling, a Masters in Leadership and Public Policy, and a Certificate in Software Engineering. Through her roles with organizations in both the United States and United Kingdom, Allie has helped tiny teams with big dreams operationalize their work and scale their impact in order to reach hundreds of thousands of students. She is a tenacious problem-solver, athlete, and adventurer, enjoys being a beginner (especially when it comes to extreme sports), and loves hanging out with her family.
Jason Batterson
Beast Academy Books Senior Product Director
Jason joined AoPS in 2010 to lead development of the Beast Academy series. Before joining AoPS, he taught math and coached some of the top students in North Carolina, coaching teams to multiple state MATHCOUNTS titles and numerous individual awards. While teaching, Jason wrote and published Competition Math for Middle School and developed He is also a nationally competitive masters distance runner with a 2:38 personal best in the marathon. When he's not out running, Jason enjoys solving puzzles, skiing, and playing in the pool with his two favorite math beasts, Parker and Ada.
Ashley Beck
AoPS Academy Regional Director
Ashley is the West Regional Director for AoPS Academy. She has always been interested in mathematics education, earning a BS from Brigham Young University, an MS from Arizona State University (ASU) and is currently writing her dissertation to finish her PhD. She’s been teaching math since 2010. While teaching at ASU she was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award by the graduate and professional student association. She has a long history with math competitions, ranging from earning a perfect score in the Continental Math League in 6th grade, being the resident math expert on Scholastic Bowl, competing on her high school’s math team (which won state every year), to solving the problems on the current AMC for fun. She’s a Chicago native who loves reading, hosting game nights, playing volleyball, competing in trivia, and catching all the Pokémon.
Alex Beenau
Customer Support Specialist
Alex joined AoPS in 2020. She was born and raised in San Diego and spent four years living in the Bay area where she earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts for studying visual development from Academy of Art University. After graduating, she moved back to her hometown of San Diego and started working in the family tax business as a support staff member before joining AoPS. She has a passion for character concept art and creating her own character designs and artwork. In her free time Alex also enjoys playing video games (Animal Crossing mostly), watching animated shows, and reading. She has a cat named Maxine McSoftpaws (Max) and a dog named Rutabaga Ruettiger (Rudy). When she has the chance Alex loves to get out into nature. Some of her favorite places include Yosemite National Park and Lake Powell.
Noah Benjamin
School Staff Specialist
Noah is a life-long student of mathematics, earning a bachelor's degree at Lewis & Clark College where he double majored in physics and mathematics. His main mathematical interests are differential geometry, field theories and general relativity, where Noah has contributed published work on point particle initial data for Einstein's Field Equations. Noah has wide-ranging teaching experience with an emphasis on K-6 and AP mathematics and physics. When not sharing math with friends and students, Noah is often climbing, playing instruments, hiking, mountain biking, solving puzzles, skateboarding, surfing, juggling and generally recreating outdoors.
Mike Beverley
VP of Engineering
Mike’s love for math and computers started early, teaching himself how to program in BASIC on an Apple II in first grade. After graduating with a CS degree from Notre Dame, he spent the first decade of his career as a software engineer before transitioning into engineering leadership. Born the nerdiest member of a family of athletes, he enjoys chatting about a diverse set of topics: from sports to video games, cosmology to LLM’s, he’s always up to learn something new. As the son of educators and a father of five, Mike is thrilled to have the opportunity to support the AoPS mission as a part of this inspiring team!
Bryn Bishop
Senior Physics Curriculum Developer
Bryn joined AoPS in 2021. She has a bachelor's in Physics, a master’s in STEM education, and taught physics courses in public high schools for a decade. Bryn is passionate about developing innovative and equitable curricula that nurture lifelong curiosity in all learners. She is also actively involved with the American Association of Physics Teachers and her local chapter in Southern California. In her free time, Bryn enjoys adventuring with her family throughout San Diego and the world via foot, bike, car, boat, or plane. She also has numerous hobbies such as photography, astronomy, reading, and martial arts.
Cameron Bjorklund
Math Curriculum Developer
Cameron joined AoPS in 2023. He is an alumnus of the University of Georgia (BS Mathematics) and of the Universisty of Califorina Davis (MA and PhD Mathematics). Outside of math, he enjoys cooking, playing music, and having game nights with friends (any games go! Video, Card, Tabletop).
Iana Borova
Project Manager
After getting her bachelor’s degree in physics in 2017 from UC Santa Barbara, Iana began working at a small photonics research company that specialized in nano-scale tuneable infrared lasers. During her three years working there, her work transitioned from semiconductor test engineering toward project management. This transition inspired her to return to UCSB to pursue a master’s degree in technology management. After graduating in 2021, Iana joined AoPS! Outside of work and school, Iana has many different hobbies. She loves the outdoors, roller skating, skiing, and hiking. She is also very artistic and regularly spends her time painting, taking photos, sewing, and crafting. She also really enjoys dancing and used to participate in ballroom dance competitions during her undergrad years.
Kerry Ann Boyko
Senior Software Engineer
Kerry Ann Boyko is a software engineer with eight years of experience, focused mainly on the Node.js tech stack, including Typescript. The daughter of two education professionals, Kerry Ann has a background in both computer programming and in communication, with an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Texas. Notably, Kerry Ann has been the founding engineer of a non-profit that raised $11M via crowdfunding. She's also written a book on New Zealand's 1990s reforms, and performs stand-up comedy, which she learned during her four years in London, UK.
Coram Bryant
Beast Academy Online Senior Product Director
Coram is an avowed life-long, life-wide, and life-deep learner. As an undergraduate at UC San Diego, Coram maxed out his units with a double major in computer science and cognitive science, and a double minor in sociology and art history. After several years as a software engineer and architect, including as a design authority for the United Kingdom Smart Grid infrastructure project, Coram pivoted to EdTech by completing a master's degree in learning, design, and technology at Stanford University. Over the following decade he worked as a designer, developer, analyst, and product director for multiple award-winning digital math games. He also worked as an AVID tutor for first generation college students, an academic team coach, and currently as commissioner of the North County High School academic league. He cherishes time with family and friends, living locally and traveling globally, swimming, surfing, museum hopping, enjoying delicious food, reading, and engaging in good conversations.
Liz Burkhardt
Business Strategy Director
Liz is a marketing leader, focusing on connecting brands with educators across the US to improve student outcomes & transform education. She has extensive experience in marketing with past positions in the education industry. She holds a BSBA from the University of Arizona. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor adventures with her two kids, catching concerts with her husband, and hiking with friends
Kalin Cameron
Senior Language Arts Curriculum Developer
Kalin is thrilled to be developing curriculum with Art of Problem Solving. She previously taught and developed curriculum at a project-based charter school in San Diego. She has extensive experience teaching language arts and was the English teacher at a Spanish language elementary school in Mountain View, California. Prior to classroom teaching, Kalin used her passion for the creative arts as a children’s theatre director. Kalin earned her masters in education from Stanford University and bachelor's in theatre from the University of California San Diego.
Chris Campos-Valdes
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Chris has worked in recruitment for about 5 years and loves making a difference in someone’s life by presenting new opportunities. She also believes in the power of education and has been a tutor, instructor, and teacher. Chris loves traveling, learning about new cultures, languages and history. She lived in South Korea for almost 6 years, where she obtained a master's in business administration by Dongguk University. She speaks English, Spanish, and some Korean. Chris also enjoys reading, watching documentaries (all kinds really, but history ranks very high), and restoring old furniture.
Marisa Carlson-Flores
Academic Success Specialist
Marisa joined AoPS in 2021. She is a native San Diegan with a background in graphic design, marketing, customer service, and librarianship. Her nine years working in a library stemmed from not just a love of reading, but interest in research, reference, and working closely with her community to help parents and students find the necessary materials and tools they needed for their love of learning to thrive. Her interests leaned heavily towards children's programming, homework help, and creating fun and engaging crafts and projects for families, as well as encouraging creativity and early literacy in young readers. In her free time, Marisa enjoys making music, roller skating, and napping with her pets.
Emily Castner
School Staff Specialist
Emily Castner started working for AoPS in 2015 as thereisnotry54 and joined headquarters full-time as ecastner in 2020. A math major and music minor, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Mount Holyoke College after launching a student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics and earning numerous awards, including the Carol Loeb ’63 Fellowship in the Teaching of Mathematics. Her seven years competing in math contests culminated in her top-quartile score on the Putnam Competition. (She solved one problem!) Her paper "On the equivalence of Playfair's axiom to the parallel postulate" is published in Springer's Journal of Geometry and available on arXiv as well. (Ask her about the fugitive equilateral right triangle.) She also plays board games, dabbles in language creation, and holds the rank of shodan in Naginata, a Japanese weapons art.
Dianne Catapang
IT Support Technician
Dianne was born in the Philippines, but was raised in California. She received her bachelors of science in computer science from the University of San Diego in 2023. However, she found an interest in IT when she was working at the ITS Department at USD. She realized that she likes being in a profession that would allow her to be a person for others, using her skills and knowledge to help others with their individual needs. In her free time, she loves singing and playing guitar, playing video games, solving puzzles, and spending time in her church ministry.
Danielle Cavanaugh
Academic Success Manager
Danielle @ has devoted her career to creating opportunities for children to achieve their highest potential. Whether it was in a classroom in Korea or overseeing the operations of a region of child care centers, Danielle’s passion for youth development and education fuels her. She graduated from MSU Denver in 2012 equipped with her Bachelor’s Degree and a spirit for adventure. Danielle and her wife, Meg, got married at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2017 and have a 4 year old son, Milo. On the weekends you can find them at the beach, checking out a new restaurant, or (you guessed it!) at the zoo!
Rupsa Chakraborty
Analytics Engineer
Rupsa recently moved to San Diego. She graduated with a Master's in Computer Science from Rutgers and is interested in all things data. Outside of work, she enjoys music and cinema.
Roger Chao
AoPS Academy Regional Director
Roger Chao is the Bay Area Regional Director for AoPS Academy. Roger holds a BA in English from the University at Buffalo and a PhD in English with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Washington. He began his journey with AoPS as the Language Arts Associate Director at the Bellevue campus, and then as Campus Director there. Prior to joining the company, Roger was an assistant professor of writing at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. In his free time, Roger enjoys hiking, playing Magic the Gathering, and training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Alondra Chavez
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Alondra joined AoPS in 2023. Prior to joining AoPS Alondra worked in staffing/recruiting, and retail banking. Alondra grew up in a small town called Imperial, CA. She moved to San Diego in 2013 and fell in love with the city. Her favorite things to do is go on hikes, practice yoga, and swim in the ocean. She enjoys reading personal development books. Alondra enjoys genuine conversations about life and she loves meeting new people. She is very passionate about her career goals and helping others. Alondra enjoys spending quality time with the people she loves. One fun fact about Alondra is she has an identical twin sister. Alondra is excited to work for AoPS and continue to learn and grow along the way.
Jefferson Chen
Senior Software Engineer
Jefferson is a University of California, San Diego BSc. grad who has built a self-driving car, bitcoin mining chip, and ways to help people in need avoid scalpers. His current side project is a robot that mirrors hand movements and juggles, and he contributes to open source. In his free time you can find him fermenting kombucha and sourdough as well as playing DnD.
Qianyi "Channie" Chen
Admissions Growth Coordinator
Channie joined AoPS in 2021 after working in the higher education field. She received her master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh and spent the past ten years in undergraduate admissions and recruitment. During her previous career, she enjoyed working with school counselors, students and parents, and held a passion for helping students find the best fit in education. She played significant roles in campus-wide initiatives to plan, establish, and deliver support services to student populations with specific needs. Channie became an AoPS parent before joining its professional team. Her daughter is delighted with the AoPS textbooks, teachers, and fellow students, and has made significant academic progress. Channie enjoys hiking in high mountains despite altitude sickness. She hopes to visit the Tibetan plateau again to explore more beauty of nature.
Jeremy Copeland
Senior Product Strategy Director
Jeremy joined AoPS in 2009. He earned his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Chicago in 2006 and was a C.L.E. Moore Instructor at MIT from 2006 to 2009. He once specialized in turning hard problems in geometry, algebra, and mathematical physics into easy problems in combinatorics and graph theory. Now he specializes in helping to redistribute mathematics from brilliant teachers to brilliant students. He gets his signs right 50 percent of the time, struggles with problems that lack symmetry, and secretly believes that every problem somehow reduces to the Chinese Remainder Theorem.
Jacob Cordeiro
Software Engineer
Jacob Cordeiro graduated from Harvey Mudd College in 2019 and has worked as a teacher and teaching assistant before joining AoPS in 2022. His lifelong passion for mathematics has introduced him to similar interests in music, game design, and education. In his free time, Jacob enjoys playing piano and a variety of games, creating his own games on and off the computer, and getting lost on Wikipedia.
Kathy Cordeiro
T&OS Associate Engagement & Growth Director
Kathy joined AoPS in 2020 and has fifteen years of experience in mathematics education including coaching MATHCOUNTS teams, facilitating math circles, managing math competitions at UT Dallas, and working for a mathematics program. These experiences culminated in a book that Kathy co-authored in 2019, Awesome Math: Teaching Mathematics with Problem Based Learning for middle and high school teachers. Passionate about connecting ideas, people, and resources, Kathy has spent her career guiding generations of students and their families to get the most from their educational journeys.  Both of Kathy’s sons are AoPS alumni who have greatly benefited from the experience. For fun, Kathy loves strategy board games and spending time with her family. Kathy earned a BA in Communications and an MBA from the University of Rhode Island and Instructional Design Master Track Certification from the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign.
Tina Cruickshank
B2B Senior Account Manager
Tina has been with AoPS since 2007. If you have taken an AoPS class, you may know her as Ubermoderator. Tina graduated from the University of Nebraska with a masters degree in public administration. Tina learned to love the California weather when she was a United States Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, and couldn't wait to move back. She loves her fluffy dog Gizmo and bad vampire movies.
Mitch Cullins
Director of IT
Mitch has more than 25 years’ experience working in IT. His career started in a computer store, then as a consultant for companies of all sizes, ranging up to the Fortune 100. His specialty at the time was all things Citrix, and all things Microsoft. Eventually, he settled in one place by moving into corporate IT, taking on ever-increasing roles and scope of IT management.Mitch is a San Diego native - born in SD, and living all his life here except for a few years while attending UCLA after high school. At UCLA he studied Mathematics. In later years Mitch earned his masters in IT Leadership and Project Management, and a PhD in Organizational Development & Leadership.
Emily David
Academy Operations Coordinator
Emily grew up on the east coast and settled in San Diego over 20 years ago. She's worked in a wide variety of industries, from dog care to litigation. Through her experiences, she's developed a skillset tailor-made for team building and problem solving. She has a passion for helping others achieve their best, from the overall company to the individual. When she's not optimizing systems, Emily can be found giving peanut butter pretzels to her absurdly cute gaggle of senior dogs, and solving crossword puzzles with her partner Stephen.
Jessica De La Cruz
Employee Relations Manager
Jessica found her passion for HR after receiving her Bachelors in Psychology. She began her HR journey in the hospitality industry. As an HR Professional, she loves helping others and furthering her HR knowledge. Jessica was born and raised in SD county, and in her spare time she enjoys being at the beach with her little one, trying new coffee shops, and spending time with her two English Bulldogs.
Grace Dessert
Software Engineer
Grace joined AoPS in 2023 as a Software Engineer. She grew up in San Diego, surrounded by family and teachers that gave her a life-long love of learning and creating with others. She graduated from Duke University in 2022 where she studied biomedical engineering and found a passion for teaching. In college, she enjoyed taking diverse classes, developing her technical coding skills through computational epilepsy research, and playing flute in the marching and pep bands. Before joining AoPS, Grace worked as a STEM curriculum developer and engineered interactive websites for story-based online learning experiences. In her free time she loves playing any and all sports, running science workshops at the local library, and picking a new hobby every two weeks!
Katie Doles
Talent Acquistion Partner
Katie Doles has been a fan of Art of Problem Solving since she started the curriculum in middle school. After earning her master's degree in mathematics from Wake Forest University, she immediately came back to work here, joining the company in 2017. Katie works in Talent Acquisition after having served as the Campus Director at the Morrisville AoPS Academy for five years. When she's not trying to convert everyone into a math person, she may be found spending time with her husband, singing, dancing, or learning a new skill.
Elizabeth Dunn
AoPS Online Senior School Staff Specialist
Elizabeth's academic and teaching background is diverse, with graduate degree coursework in professional writing, music, mathematics, and education. She is K-12 music and secondary mathematics certified (and actually has taught every grade level K-12) and has been a college professor, tutor, and administrator since 2000. Liz is a proud recipient of the National Institute of Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Teaching Excellence Award. She also previously worked as an Associate Director for AoPS Academy Gaithersburg before making the move over to the AoPS Online School Staff team. Outside the classroom, Liz enjoys crocheting afghans, creating calligraphy keepsakes, and spending time with her friends, family, and four cats.
Deepika Dutta Bordoloi
Director of Growth Marketing
Deepika Dutta Bordoloi is an experienced data driven marketer with proven record of transforming strategies into tangible results driving growth for both startups and established companies. One of her key strengths is her ability to combine creativity with analytics. Her hobbies includes reading books, traveling, eating and cooking. She loves spending time outdoors with her family and friends.
Malcolm Eckel
Senior Computer Science Curriculum Developer
Malcolm comes from teaching CS for 8 years at Thomas Jefferson High School in VA, where he had a chance to teach high school CS courses that don't frequently exist elsewhere (most notably a year-long AI course culminating in students writing and training neural networks themselves, no importing TensorFlow or the like). He has wanted for years to find ways to make curriculum that teaches those concepts accessible to learners outside that building and could not be more excited to do so at AoPS. He was a summer site director at BEAM for five years and has kept in touch with AoPS ever since. Outside of work, he's the delighted father of an impossibly bizarre 2-and-a-half-year-old toddler, Calico, who keeps him and his amazing wife Caitlin busy in increasingly unpredictable ways. He also loves epics of just about any flavor (video game or novel series or TV show or TTRPG), methodically listening to complete discographies of prolific bands, long hikes, and any kind of TV show featuring people thinking on their feet really well (Top Chef, Game Changer, Taskmaster, etc.)
Mark Eichenlaub
Principal Physics Curriculum Developer
Mark joined AoPS in 2018 after completing a PhD in Physics (focusing on physics education research) at the University of Maryland. There, he also prepped the U.S. Physics Team and attended IPhO as a coach. He has been teaching physics and astronomy classes since undergrad, and is always impressed by creativity and resilience students show when they have a great problem to work on. If you start explaining a proof to him and he happens to see how it works half way through, he'll spend the rest of the time flailing his arms around conducting the final steps like Willem Dafoe in Boondock Saints. On weekends you might find him exploring the miles of trails San Diego has to offer.
Nicole Ellis
Nicole joined AoPS in 2019. Having graduated from UC Davis with a degree in anthropology and minors in education and English, Nicole is fascinated by the different methods with which people communicate their ideas and processes with the world. She has volunteered in classrooms, libraries, and other platforms that connect people with new concepts, and she can’t wait to expand on these experiences here. After transplanting from the Bay Area, she is enjoying her new life in Southern California immensely and is constantly delighted by how beautiful the landscape can be. In her spare time, Nicole writes with her friends for a self-published flash fiction magazine. She also enjoys reading, drawing, and museum-hopping.
Lauren Etheridge
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Lauren is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but later moved to Temecula, California with her family. In high school, she was part of the marching band and drumline and had always loved music. She attended UC San Diego, where she earned a degree in Psychology with a focus on Childhood Development while also working part time as a Behavior Therapist for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. She started as a recruiter for Behavior Therapists/Analysts, then moved into an agency recruitment position for tech startups across the country. She currently resides in San Diego with her boyfriend and their 2 dogs that they absolutely adore.
Madeleine Evans
Senior Project Manager
Madeleine joined AoPS in 2021 after 7 years with a Toronto based E-learning company. She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from York University in 2016. Shortly after, Madeleine completed her Project Management Professional Certification in 2017. She has a passion for organizational behavior methodologies and theory - exhibited through her continued teaching of organizational behavior for CPHR Canada. In her time as a project manager, she has worked with diverse internal and external stakeholders to provide creative and efficient solutions to complex problems. In her previous position, Madeleine was instrumental in the development, implementation and monitoring of organizational policies and procedures. Madeleine is known for loving to travel (recently demonstrated through her move to San Diego), gaming with friends, and creating imaginative meals for anyone bold enough to try her latest creation.
Whitney Featherston
VC Instructional Coach
Whitney grew up in Orange County, CA, moved to San Diego (the best city ever) for college, and now lives in Washington state (right across the river from Portland, OR). Whitney taught at AoPS for about three years at the Carmel Valley campus and then the virtual campus; it was her first job after graduating college. While teaching part-time for AoPS, Whitney also taught mathematics full-time at high schools in both San Diego and Washington. In 2023, she resigned from teaching in the classroom and to join AoPS full-time as an instructional coach. She's excited to continue contributing to education!
Rose Fein
Director of Business Intelligence and B2B Operations
Rose enjoys any excuse to get outside, including hiking, gardening, and playing ultimate frisbee. She is an avid coffee drinker and loves spending time with her husband Jake and their dog Peanut. Rose loves learning and sharing what she knows about a wide variety of topics, and her education has spanned majors from firefighting to mathematics to business.
Jennifer Fergus
Payroll Manager
Jennifer became a part of the AoPS finance team in 2023, taking on the role of Payroll Manager. She graduated from the University of San Diego with dual degrees in business administration and marketing. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys beach days with family and friends as well as exploring new places and flavors.
Erica Finsen
Talent Acquisition Manager-Live Instruction
Erica was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. She earned her BA in Education from Temple University and spent the start of her career as an elementary school teacher in Philly. She later relocated to sunny San Diego, CA to put her snow shoveling days behind her. Erica had a blast teaching and was able to use all she learned from her educational career when she transitioned into the field of Talent Acquisition. Erica truly found her calling and is passionate about all things TA! Since 2018, San Diego has been her home and she shares it with Bear, her 2-year-old yellow-lab. Outside of work her interests include visiting national parks, long walks with Bear, enjoying the beach, practicing Pilates, and savoring a good cup of coffee.
Brad Fischer
Operations Manager
Before joining AoPS in 2020, Brad taught math and coached quizbowl at Keith Country Day School and wrote quizbowl questions for almost every tournament imaginable. His favorite lesson to teach is the Saint Petersburg Paradox, and a staggering percentage of his favorite questions in his old exams were lovingly borrowed from AoPS. Brad earned his BS in Mathematics from Northern Illinois University in 2010. In his free time, he enjoys solving logic puzzles, listening to the Beatles, rooting for the Chicago Cubs, and teaching his son probability through card games.
Laura Fishman
Academic Success Specialist
Laura was born and raised in Monterey, California and spent four years living in the Los Angeles area where she earned a bachelor’s degree in History from Pomona College. She realized education was her passion and returned to school for a Master of Education from the University of San Diego. Laura then combined this passion with her other love of travel and moved overseas to work as an international teacher, living in China, the United Arab Emirates, and Chile. After over a decade in the classroom, she is excited to move into a new role with AoPS and become reacquainted with San Diego. In her free time, Laura loves reading, running, exploring the city, and spending quality time with her family and cat.
David Flynn
Math Curriculum Team Lead
After graduating with a degree in Math Education, David started his teaching career working in schools in Northern England. While teaching, David loved letting students work through rich math tasks, and after a master’s focused on mathematical task design, David began working as a mathematics curriculum designer on projects in the UK. When he's not crafting math problems, you can find David climbing, watching cricket, or trying his hand (often with little success) at solving cryptic crosswords. And on that note, here’s a cryptic clue to his favorite math topic to write about: ‘Erratically sifting corn, I, David, am splitting up the fragments (17)’.
Kat Flores
Warehouse Associate
Born and bred in the dull town of Escondido, Kat manages to distract herself from boredom – whether it's watching too many films, cartoons and anime, or listening to too much music, they inspire the creation of her own world through too much daydreaming. Although she isn't a math wiz, she has an obsession with Lewis Carroll's works, art, crafts and making comics. She also enjoys learning about cultures, trying and cooking new cuisine, and writing poetry and stories. She's a collector of oddities and teacups, but nothing beats annoying and pampering her fluffy kitten: Butters Panchon. Coyoacán (in México City) is her home away from home, where she stays with her rather extensive family for long periods of time. Kat plans a career in education and arts for children and teenagers.
Samuel Foster
Associate Software Architect
Samuel stumbled into coding in 2008 to build games on Roblox. The joy of programming grew into freelancing as a web developer for 5 years, graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a BS in Computer Science, and building interfaces at Google, Microsoft, and Vercel. At Cal Poly Pomona he started and ran the Software Engineering Association with fellow AoPS engineer Kiana Ziglari to sharpen the skills of students. He is passionate about user experience, cooking, running, lifting, teaching, and learning.
John Freeborn
Director of Design
A self-identified designer, skateboarder, and video gamer, John spent most of the pandemic at Apple as a CX Strategist on the World Wide Digital Channel Team. Before Apple, John worked at Chegg, managing the design work of three product teams. In Philadelphia, and more recently in San Francisco, he taught design at the college level and loves helping creative people grow and learn. John always has a few side projects going: he has self-published a children’s book and an art book (with both print and digital versions). He also started a skateboard magazine with friends and is a huge reader; over the last 5 years he has read 250 books. John is very excited to join AoPS and combine his design experience with his education background.
James Fung
Data Analyst
James joined AoPS in 2012. He received a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, studying machine learning and linguistics, at UC Berkeley where he spent several years as a teaching assistant in engineering math courses. James has been tutoring and teaching math and science since high school. He was a National MATHCOUNTS contestant, qualified for the USAMO each year of high school, and attended the Physics Olympiad Summer Program. In his spare time, he applies math to boardgames, thinks of ballroom dancing as a Markov process, and is a novice kitchen scientist.
Alejandro Garcia
Warehouse Manager
Alejandro Garcia joined AOPS in 2019 and is willing to learn and expand in different areas within the company. He came to AoPS from a bigger warehouse with experience that he is hoping to integrate into our smaller warehouse. Alejandro is always looking for new ways to better himself work-wise and in his personal life. When he isn't working, he is spending time with his wife and son and teaching his son all he can while also learning himself. He enjoys playing video games late into the night and exploring new places that expand his horizon and outlook on life. He also enjoys watching superhero movies and is a collector of superhero items as well.
Josie Gerk
Outreach Program Manager
Josie joined AoPS in 2021 after providing program analyst support to the Navy as a contractor for six years. Since receiving a degree in theatre from California State University Fullerton, she has worked in various industries, including for-profit and not-for-profit, large, and small businesses. She also works in theatre as an Assistant Stage Manager, Production Assistant, and occasional Lighting Designer. Working with high school theatre programs to develop lighting designs and train students instilled a passion for providing unique learning experiences for students. In her limited spare time, she enjoys board games, hiking, and going on mini adventures with friends.
Vince Gil
Director of Outreach
Vince has been with AoPS since 2019 initially working with our physical AoPS Academy locations as an associate director before becoming the Pathway Program Manager in February 2021. He looks forward to bringing AoPS to a more diverse audience in his new role! Previous to joining AoPS he chaired the Math Department at Western Hills High School in Fort Worth, Texas, where he was 2017–2018 Teacher of the Year. Vince is passionate about making learning fun. He has taught middle and high school math in the US and in Korea and has worked with IB, AP, and pre-AP students. Vince has a BS in Math and MS in Mathematics Teaching from Texas Woman’s University. In his free time, he likes to dance kizomba, salsa, bachata and is open to trying anything once.
AJ Gonzales
IT Specialist
AJ started off his journey into tech with a job at Apple Retail right after exiting High School. After working in multiple positions (Sales, Logistics, Technical Support, and Teaching) AJ took the leap and moved to San Francisco to work in Enterprise IT. After about 5 years in San Francisco, it was time to return home and start the next chapter of his life. When AJ is not at work, he can either be found at the local bowling alley or with his brothers at a local brewery.
Dave Gonzalez
Warehouse and Facilities Associate
Dave and his twin are the youngest and grew up under the proper guidance of five older sisters. Following in his sisters' footsteps of working in nursing, Dave got certified as an EMT. However, as books were always his first love, he pursued a job working at Barnes and Noble before joining AoPS. Dave has always been passionate about learning and expanding his knowledge base to help both himself and others.
Hannah Goodwillie
Virtual Campus Senior Math Instructional Coach
Hannah Goodwillie holds a BA in Mathematics and Music from Amherst College and an Master of Music in Choral Conducting from the Yale School of Music. After working for a while as a choir director and music teacher, they returned to mathematics and joined AoPS in 2020. They are committed to equity in math teaching and believe deeply that every student deserves a real opportunity to fall in love with math as something accessible, beautiful, and fun to explore. In their free time, they can often be found hiking, knitting, writing songs, and hanging out with Mitts, their big friendly polydactyl cat.
Matt Granoff
Senior Language Arts Curriculum Developer
Matt majored in folklore and mythology at Harvard before slowly drifting into teaching English. This new field is unquestionably of more use to the world in general, but if you ever want to just talk about world mythology, he's pretty much always down for that. Matt started teaching rhetoric at a classical academy in Minnesota before moving to the Bay Area and teaching English, ethics and game design theory (three separate courses, sadly) at the Menlo School and English and philosophy at Saratoga. He's always found the most exciting part of teaching to be getting students to push beyond their intellectual comfort zones and see just how much cool stuff is out there in the world to learn about. When he's not teaching or taking care of his 3-year-old, Matt spends his time doing competitive trivia, puzzle hunts, computer gaming and reading lots of sci-fi and comics.
Ellie Grantman
Beast Academy Classroom Associate Content Director
Ellie earned her BA in Elementary Education from the University of Iowa. While in school she interned as a research assistant with PhD candidates in the department of math education, and studied abroad in Bilbao, Spain. After graduation she returned to her hometown of Chicago, IL to work as a 5th grade teacher for several years, specializing in math and gifted education in Chicago Public Schools. Ellie's passion for creating unique, fun and engaging real world learning experiences led to her success as a teacher, earning the high honor of being called "the cool math teacher" by a bunch of 10 year olds. Outside of work Ellie loves traveling, playing games, trying new things, and spending time outdoors with her partner Charlie and her dog Barkley.
Bill Grenard
Math Curriculum Developer
Bill earned bachelor's degrees in physics and applied mathematics from UC Berkeley before earning his master's in mathematics education from CSU Chico. He taught mathematics at CSU Chico for several years, where he created engaging and fun math lessons for incoming college students with a wide range of educational backgrounds. His favorite part of the experience was seeing students transform from fearing math to thriving with it. During his time at CSU Chico, Bill also redesigned the online curriculum for their Foundational Mathematics course with a focus on activities that reward student creativity and exploration. In his free time, Bill runs educational TikTok and YouTube accounts where he shares mathematics content in hopes of showing the world that math can be fun and exciting!
Tim Handley
Senior Life Sciences Curriculum Developer
Tim is a scientist turned designer and educator. He worked for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a member of technical staff, and for the National Park Service as a bio tech and quantitative ecologist. Frustrated by the growing gap between science and society, and being both a trained scientist and a lifelong gamer, he decided to bring these skills together to help build a better future. In his role as designer and educator, Tim has built and taught a variety of innovative middle school science classes at One Spark Academy, where he also pioneered a tradition of Pi Day whipped-cream pie fights. In more serious work, he has taught several classes in the Game Design track at the ArtCenter College of Design, has published two nature-oriented science games, and has more games in the works. Now, as a Curriculum Developer for AoPS, he puts those same skills to use in building life sciences courses for AoPS Academy.
Alyssa Hanna
Sales Executive, Central-South
With over a decade of experience and a master’s in teacher leadership, Alyssa's enthusiasm for education is evident. Prior to AoPS, she worked as a classroom teacher, Gifted and Talented Teacher, and Gifted and Talented Coordinator. Her passion lies in leveraging critical thinking to pinpoint growth opportunities for students. She likes to think in spreadsheets and believes it is the superior digital organization tool. In her free time, she likes to read books and work on meeting her Goodreads goal.
Jessica Hardy
VP of Internal Operations
Jessica joined AoPS in 2020. After graduating from BYU with her master's in accounting, Jessica went to work at Andersen Tax (nee WTAS) in downtown San Francisco for over seven years. Once her husband graduated from his orthodontics residency, they relocated to San Diego with their two young kids. After getting settled, Jessica joined Signature Analytics where she worked for 5.5 years helping provide business owners with custom financial solutions and business advisory services. She is thrilled to be part of the AoPS team as she has enjoyed watching her kids grow through Beast Academy. Whenever they get a chance, the Hardys like to explore National Parks and go on long hikes together.
Mark Hendrickson
Beast Academy Classroom Content Director
Mark Hendrickson came to AoPS in 2020. As a student, he read several books and wrote several poems in the process of earning his BA in English and MFA in Creative Writing at UC Irvine. This (somehow) led to a career teaching middle and high school math for many years at a nearby independent school. There, Mark witnessed the efficacy of the AoPS curriculum first hand by teaching it in the classroom. During this time, Mark also developed and taught after-school programs including a manipulatives-based math program for elementary students, a cooking class for middle school students, and a creative writing workshop for high school students. Aside from reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, Mark loves cooking, camping, and trying to think of a third hobby that also starts with c. Cross-stitch? Could be fun!
Sara Henson
Talent Acquisition Sourcer
Sara is originally from Ohio, but she has been lucky enough to have lived in 6 different countries and now calls Savannah, Georgia her home. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Sara moved to France where she worked as an English teacher and au pair. This experience inspired her to then move to China, where she lived for three years, managing a kindergarten and training individuals from various backgrounds and nationalities to create a learning environment that was both interactive and fun. Her experience working with international students inspired her to move back to the US and begin working with au pairs, where she always kept in mind that everyone’s individual experience is unique and should be embraced. This perspective is one which she hopes to bring to her role at AoPS as a Customer Service Specialist. In her free time, Sara enjoys learning new languages, painting abstract art, and playing the cello.
Tim Herchen
Software Engineer
Tim is a student at UC San Diego pursuing a BS in Computer Science after transferring from Foothill College in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is passionate about education, especially making intricate concepts from math obvious through visualization and software. In his free time, he hikes around San Diego, plays (electric) piano, occasionally composes music, and works on his online graphing calculator project.
Terrance Hewitt
B2B Account Manager
As a recent transplant from San Bernardino, CA, Terrance brings a combination of not only classroom experience but also customer service skills. He believes that critical thinking and creativity can solve any problem. Outside of work, he enjoys classic television shows and exploring new things in San Diego.
Stephanie Higuera
B2B Account Management Team Lead
Born and raised in San Bernardino California, Stephanie moved to San Diego two years ago. She is a strong believer in the positive and powerful influence education can have on children. She has eight years of experience in the classroom working with children of all grade levels and loves to see them grow and develop as critical thinkers. Outside of work you’ll find her with friends and family enjoying their time together.
Tracey Hosey
Sales Executive, Central-East
Tracey has a passion for educating our brightest minds, which was fueled after her oldest child entered kindergarten. As he was writing reports on the solar system, students within his classroom were learning number and letter recognition. Tracey recognized the lack of understanding within school systems for our gifted/talented students and decided to work to become a part of the solution rather than admiring the problem. She believes that all children deserved the opportunity to learn. She completed her master’s degree with a focus on gifted education, and has served in a variety of roles, from a classroom teacher to a Gifted Education Coordinator. Along the way, she has had the opportunity to build many successful programs which include a summer enrichment program (serving over 600 students), and a high school robotics program, and was integral in building a gifted/talented program. Tracey’s mission is to directly impact the lives of students by creating an environment that encourages high levels of problem-solving and risk-taking. Her vision is to build sustainable experiences where celebrations of intellect occur on a daily basis and children become aware of the power within themselves.
Sydney Horanic
Engagement and Growth Operations Coordinator
Sydney Horanic fell in love with mathematics after experiencing the thrill of one-minute times-table tests in elementary school. She left her hometown, Fresno CA, to pursue a B.A. in Mathematics and a teaching credential at UC Berkeley. She taught Algebra and Geometry in the Bay Area where she developed a passion for utilizing education technology in her classroom and exploring new advancements in math curriculum. She moved to San Diego last year to be near family and soak up the sunshine. In her spare time she enjoys long-distance running and playing all sports, especially competitive ultimate frisbee. She also coaches local youth and adult leagues. Two of her favorite equations are: Perfect Night = T(rivia) + T(rack) and Perfect Morning = W(ednesday NYT Crossword) + P(ancakes). Her favorite mathematical concept is the Pigeonhole Principle because it acts as a wholesome analogy to living life with open arms and an open heart.
Merilys Huhn
Director of Data
Merilys joined AoPS in 2023 as the Director of Data. She grew up in Cleveland and worked in social services for a few years before moving to the Bay Area in 2014 to pursue a graduate degree in sociology at Stanford. Her education is eclectic, running the gamut from math to law to inequality, but she has always been focused on understanding "what," "how," and "why." Merilys sees data as a lens to understand the world, perhaps not perfectly but at least a little better than before. In her free time, she loves discovering new nature trails, teaching data-related workshops, and watching British panel shows.
Derek Jiang
Software Engineer
Derek joined AoPS in 2021 after graduating from UC San Diego with a degree in cognitive science with a specialization in machine learning and neural computation. In his time at UC San Diego, Derek was able to learn computer science principles, as well as how humans think, remember, and learn. Derek started his passion for computers when he was 5, when he noticed that the computer cursor was the same shape as the birthmark on his leg. Since then, he has been tinkering with personal coding projects varying from a weight loss calculator to a virtual reality video game. Before joining AoPS, Derek worked as an online instructor, teaching kids computer science through video game modding. In his free time, Derek enjoys playing video games, modifying his keyboard, cooking, and working out.
Aaron Demby Jones
AoPS Online Associate Product Director
Aaron joined AoPS in 2017. His PhD is in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California Santa Barbara, focusing on audiovisual representations of mathematics. Before that, he got his MA in Mathematics at the University of Rochester and a joint BA in Mathematics and Music at Brown University. Aaron has had the pleasure and privilege of teaching the next generation of math superstars for many years at the CTY and HCSSiM summer math programs. Outside of math, he enjoys designing experimental electronic music, playing the piano and percussion, chess, Xiangqi, Go, and badminton.
Michelle Kane
Project Manager
Michelle joined AoPS in 2021 after teaching middle school English and theater for nine years. During her teaching career, she developed curriculum for many middle school courses and focused on helping students improve their critical thinking and communication skills. Michelle has a master’s degree in education and a bachelor's in English with a minor in theater. Figuring out elegant solutions to tough problems (in any subject) is one of her favorite things to do. In her free time, Michelle enjoys playing complicated board games, going to plays, drawing and painting, writing fantasy and sci-fi, and occasionally venturing into the outdoors. She appreciates the existence of coffee, poetry, dice with more than six sides, and parallel structure.
Katherine Kassens
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Katherine joined AoPS in 2023. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she has lived in many different cities including Madrid, Spain and Seattle. Katherine has a degree from the University of Washington in Integrated Social Sciences, and has worked in Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, and Communications previously. Outside of work, she likes to travel, going to concerts (Taylor Swift included), and paint.
Mark Kemper
Software Engineer
Mark originally started working at AoPS as a Software Engineering Intern in the summer of 2022 and returned as a Software Engineering Trainee in the summer of 2023. He graduated from UC San Diego with a BS in Computer Science in December of 2023. At UC San Diego, he was the Lead Developer of the Triton Quantitative Trading club and an active member of the ICPC competitive programming club. In his free time, he likes to run, hike, play basketball, and go to the gym. Mark initially became interested in programming at the age of 10 by programming video games on Roblox. He used this skill to get his first job in high school developing an educational video game for a summer boot camp based in China that taught the importance of sustainable energies. This past experience and a passion for educational software development naturally led him to Art of Problem Solving.
Bowen Kerins
Staff Math Curriculum Developer
Bowen has been writing math curriculum for nearly 20 years, with a focus on helping students learn higher-order thinking skills at the same time they are learning new content. He has been a lead writer on multiple published curricula for Grades 6-12, and is the author of an AMS book series. He has a BS in Mathematics from Stanford University and a Master's in Teaching from Boston University. He scored in the top 10 on the USAMO and attended the Math Olympiad Program in 1990. He has been a mathematical advisor for over 20 game shows. He loves Slurpees and once won $1,000 for knowing the number of degrees in a right angle.
Shaina Kim
Product Designer
Shaina is a product designer who studied architecture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where she realized her passion drew from designing around human interaction and user empathy. Her background bloomed into her love for UI/UX with her ability to think of user-optimized solutions and intuitive design systems. With an older sister as a middle school teacher, Shaina has grown to be an advocate for stronger learning systems in effective environments, and is thrilled to be a part of a team where she can contribute to a positive student learning experience. She considers herself a go-to fixer-upper, amateur film photographer, and wannabe cinephile. When off work, you can find her at a Padres game, a record shop, or one of the many fine speakeasies in San Diego.
Jessica Kirberger
Lead Instructional Coach
Jessica Kirberger is an instructional coach for Art of Problem Solving. In this role, she enjoys supporting teachers in their quest to deliver the highest quality math instruction they can to their students. Jessica was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona. She earned her bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Arizona, and a master's degree in curriculum and instruction from Grand Canyon University. She was a teacher for about 15 years in grades 2, 5, and 6. As a Navy Wife, she has lived and taught in Arizona, Virginia, Illinois, and California. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her 2 kids and 2 dogs. They love to travel and visit amusement parks together.
Josh Klur
Math Curriculum Developer
Josh received his BA in Comparative Religion from Tufts University and an M.Ed. from the University of Washington. He taught in New York City and Philadelphia, both in public and private schools, as an elementary school teacher and then as a math teacher and math specialist. He led a MathCounts team to the state championships for years, supported students and teachers from kindergarten through high school, and has helped students to love math and see the beauty in it. His passion around math runs wide and deep, and after using AoPS materials for over 25 years he was thrilled to join the AoPS family! When not doing mathy sorts of things he can be found creating abstract art, traveling, and spending time with his family.
Richard Kreutz-Landry
Senior Software Engineer
Richard joined AoPS in 2018 as a developer. Previously, he spent several years tutoring for math and science and completing a double major in theatre and mathematics with an emphasis in secondary education at the University of California, San Diego. After that, he moved on to become a self-taught software test automation engineer. Outside of work he designs original origami models, writes tabletop roleplaying games, edits and guests on podcasts, and does archery. He has also been known to attempt geeky knitting and crochet projects when the mood takes him.
Ryan Ku
Senior Software Engineer
Ryan grew up playing board games and solving puzzles, which fostered an early passion for mathematics and problem solving. This led him to pursue a BS in Computer Science & Engineering and an MS in Software Engineering as part of a 5-year program. There, he joined his school’s Robotics Systems Laboratory to kick off a multi-year effort to create an application-agnostic robotic chassis. After his 4th year, he decided to join AoPS to combine his love for computer science and teaching. In his spare time, you will likely find him solving puzzles, tinkering with cars, learning about new tech, and discovering music.
Ellen Kulinsky
T&OS Engagement & Growth Director
Ellen is a lifelong AoPS-er. Ellen grew up in a mathematical family, where she was introduced to AoPS textbooks at a young age and spent her school years competing in and training her fellow students for contests like MATHCOUNTS and the AMCs. Driven by her passion of nurturing communities of learning enthusiasts, Ellen led the Cal “Women in Mathematics” organization while earning her BS in applied math from UC Berkeley and taught problem solvers of all ages at the LA, Berkeley, and Stanford math circles for nearly a decade. Ellen joined the full-time AoPS team in 2019 and is currently the Director of Engagement and Growth for Textbooks and Online Services. Prior to this role, Ellen helped lead several physical AoPS Academy locations throughout California, including as Campus Director of the Pleasanton campus. Once the Pleasanton campus reached capacity, Ellen moved to headquarters for the opportunity to reach students worldwide by leading the Virtual Campus team. Ellen is excited to help expand AoPS’s reach: inspiring and connecting a global community of problem solvers. Outside of her love for AoPS, Ellen spends her free time with friends enjoying comedy, live music, and traveling the world.
Liz Kurkin
Employee Relations Coordinator
Liz moved from New York City to San Diego a few years ago and since then Liz has been enjoying life here. Liz enjoys spending afternoons at the beach with her two Australian Shepherds in her spare time. While they have no sense of personal space, their cuteness makes up for it. Liz loves to relax by reading and crocheting.
Shari Kuroyama
Senior Software Engineering Team Lead
Shari joined the software development team at AoPS in June 2019 after completing her BS in Computer Science at Caltech. She has been interested in math since participating in math camps and competition math in middle school and has been interested in math education since she had problems with the pace of her first grade math curriculum. Shari is very excited to give back to the math community! In her free time, Shari also loves puzzles of all sorts, Japanese archery, making metal jewelry and other DIY art, animals (particularly her snake, Lemma, and her cats, Arrow and Quiver), and fire spinning.
Jamie Lacosta
Customer Support Team Lead
Jamie graduated with a BA in English Literature at San Diego State University in 2020. Currently, she is pursuing her MA in Education with a Concentration in Counseling. She was born in Everett, Washington, but grew up in San Diego. At a young age, Jamie has had a passion for education with her grandma and great-grandma both being educators here in the United States and the Philippines. She has always been driven by her passion to help others and make an impact, so she always goes above and beyond to help in any way that she can. In her free time, Jamie loves to take pictures (film or digital), going to the gym, watching sunsets, and cuddling with her corgi, Kobe.
Stephanie Lage
AoPS Academy Product Director
Stephanie has been working with AoPS students since 2017 and was previously an Associate Director at AoPS Academy Bellevue. Stephanie has always had a deep interest in understanding how the world works. This led to the decision to major in mathematics and physics at Washington State University and led to tutoring others in math and science classes while in school. She quickly realized how much fun it is to help people explore new and difficult concepts by challenging them to think through their own ideas. She then spent two years as a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Colorado, where being a TA who taught Calculus was the most rewarding part. Next steps included teaching students of all ages and ability levels, including teaching high school math and science for three years. Stephanie loves working with students who are excited about math, helping them rise to new challenges and discover new problem-solving strategies, but also loves working with those who aren't as excited about math, helping them to see how fun and rewarding it can be. When not talking about math, Stephanie enjoys traveling, hiking, and making crochet hats.
Lydia Lee
Marketing Operations Manager
Lydia joined AoPS in 2020 after working in an agency setting for multiple years. The educational mission of AoPS is what initially drew Lydia to the team, and she is dedicated to utilizing her marketing background to connect students and families with what AoPS has to offer. Outside of establishing marketing processes and keeping things organized, Lydia enjoys traveling with her husband and frequenting cafes, breweries, and restaurants in San Diego.
Ryan Lemon
Software Engineering Team Lead
Ryan was born and raised in Las Vegas, and joined AoPS in early 2022. He graduated from UC San Diego in 2019, majoring in mathematics - computer science and minoring in music. During his time in college, he was a Peer Counselor Coordinator for UCSD's Filipino cultural organization, mentoring his fellow peers academically, professionally, and mentally. He was formerly a lead instructor and operations manager at his previous company, teaching kids computer science and supervising all instructors. He is excited to continue his tech and education career here at AoPS. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys playing video games, piano, singing, taking care of plants, and spending time with his two cats, Meelo and Komi.
Sarah Leuver
Senior Cartoonist
Sarah is a cartoonist from the Bay Area. After graduating from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Animation, she had a variety of freelance art jobs, including storyboarding for live-action and animated features. Most recently, she's done comics and illustration work for DC Comics and IDW. Somewhere in between all that freelancing, she was a substitute teacher, and taught comics/cartooning at an independent study school. When she's not drawing (for work OR for fun) she likes to go on walks, hang out with her dog Oliver, and read comics.
Isaac Li
Math Curriculum Developer
Isaac Li joined AoPS as a math curriculum developer upon completing a BS in Mathematics from UCLA. He was a frequent instructor for AlphaStar Academy, and a problem writer and test organizer for various contests including and Berkeley Math Tournament. He calls the Bay Area home (Daly City / San Jose). Enjoys writing interesting math problems, teaching, and creating levels for rhythm games.
Leo Yulin Li
DevOps Engineer
Leo Yulin joined AoPS at the beginning of 2021. After playing his first video game during elementary school, he decided to create his own video game, and that kicked off his journey in software engineering. Later on, he decided to pursue a computer science degree at UC Merced and developed an interest in neural networks and genetic algorithm based machine learning. In his free time, you will find him continuing to help the development of the neural network simulation software his university professor develops and watching YouTube videos on tech, software development, gaming, finance, and more.
Yating Liu
VP of Textbooks & Online Services
Yating Liu is the VP of Textbooks & Online Services, which includes AoPS Online School, Beast Academy, and AoPS Academy Virtual Campus. He has worn multiple hats since joining AoPS in 2016—as the designer or significant contributor of seven AoPS Academy courses, founder of AoPS Academy Virtual Campus, and the Product Director and the National Operations Director of AoPS Academy. Yating was a university professor and doctoral advisor before joining AoPS. He earned his BS in Math from Peking University and his MS in Math and PhD in Math Education from Ohio State. Yating was a one-time champion in China's national-level math competition and a two-time champion in provincial-level physics competitions. In his free time, Yating enjoys tinkering and antique hunting.
Robin Long
Language Arts Curriculum Developer
Robin joined AoPS in 2020. She has been in the education field for over fifteen years and has taught a diverse range of students, from highly gifted elementary students to college undergrads. She is a former local teacher of the year, and in 2015, she was awarded the Outstanding Teaching of the Humanities award from Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the NEH. She has been a statewide writer and instructor for PD courses for teachers and principals, and she has worked with schools on enhancing writing curriculum for advanced learners. Robin is passionate about creating engaging, innovative learning experiences that empower students to think outside the box—because she believes adaptability and versatility are the keys to our students’ future goals. Robin holds an MA in English and Creative Writing, as well as a BA in Elementary Education. An enthusiast of all things writing, she has published original poetry, and she enjoys reading and writing historical fiction. She loves hiking, cooking, traveling, and The Great British Bake Off, even though her baking is still really terrible.
Bridget Lynch
AoPS Academy Expansion Director
Bridget joined AoPS in 2019. As a philosopher by education and a non-profit program director by prior experience, she has always been elbow-deep in problem solving. Fiercely not-competitive, her greatest joy comes from helping others so that they can find more joy in their own lives. When not trying to bring order to chaos - or incessantly asking “why?” - you’ll find her throwing dinner parties, photographing friends’ life events, and providing emotional support services to her giant greyhound.
Tania Lyon
Sales Executive - Midwest Region
Tania worked in K-12 education for 32 years as a teacher and district administrator, primarily in Talent Development, academic standards, and curriculum. As part of overhauling gifted and talented services, she led the implementation of Beast Academy. Tania designed innovative services and systems around standards-based instruction to give all students access to academic rigor. Tania has received local, state, and national recognition, including an NAGC Coordinator of the Year Award. She has a doctorate in educational leadership; two certificates in gifted and talented education; a masters in curriculum and instruction; and a K-12 principal license. Outside of work, Tania enjoys her family, exercise, reading, and using her personal story to create free educational resources around personal change, weight loss, and plant-based health.
Grayson Maas
VP of Sales
Grayson joined AoPS in 2015. He earned his PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of California Santa Barbara where he conducted research, wrote about, and taught about the various factors contributing to underrepresentation in STEM education and in the workforce. Grayson understands culture as the lens through which we assign meaning to the world and everything in it. Culture shapes our perception of reality--how cool is that?! Prior to becoming an anthropologist, Grayson earned a BA in biology from the University of Pennsylvania during a time when he was considering a career in veterinary medicine but then thought better of it. He loves animals (especially dogs), music (especially playing his acoustic guitar), traveling (especially cities he's never been to), and sports (especially basketball, football, and all professional teams representing Philadelphia, the city that raised him).
Corinne Madsen
Corinne attended her first math competition in the 5th grade and continued competing through her high school years at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. While attending Mount Allison University, she fell in love with coding and switched over to computer science competitions. There, she also tutored in various subjects, taught middle school students how to code, and learned how to live with 6 feet of snow. After graduating with a combined major in math and computer science in the spring of 2015, she was very happy to join AoPS in a position that lets her combine her passion for mathematics, teaching, and computer science.
Kristine Magat
Accounting Manager
Kristine joined AoPS in 2021. She grew up in San Diego and moved to the Bay Area after earning her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Accounting from UC Santa Cruz. Her love for numbers and process improvements led her to various roles in tech and video game companies. While she enjoyed the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, she took a big leap of faith and bought a one-way ticket to Europe to fulfill her childhood dream of traveling and seeing the world. After travelling through 20 countries for 24 consecutive months, she came back home to San Diego to live closer to family. Kristine enjoys all things related to finance, food, fitness, photography and puzzles.
Liza Marino
Marketing Designer
Liza is an adventurous designer from the east coast. She grew up in Connecticut playing volleyball and painting in a house that loves cats. She spent almost a decade in the City of Brotherly Love eating her way through the streets and going to art shows. She studied graphic design communications in Philadelphia and has spent years both in-house and agency honing her typographic and visual storytelling skills. She also has a certification in interior design. Following her dreams, she sold everything and moved to San Diego to have more time with the beauty of nature and to meet new people! When she's not looking for inspiration for work you can find her watching stand-up comedy or eating at a new restaurant. She also likes to take long walks in nature, practice her boxing punches, and reading the next book she checked out from the local library. Things to note: She will always say yes to a trivia night and she will always order the cheese board for the table.
Miriam Martinez
Customer Support Specialist
Miriam graduated with a degree in architecture from the Institute of Technology of Mexico and earned a diploma in sales and marketing. Working for a worldwide corporation for twenty-one years provided her with the knowledge and experience in various fields including design, marketing, sales support and customer service. It was a great journey but her passion has always been education. During her first years in college, Miriam started her own tutoring business teaching English in her native country of Mexico. After she graduated, she taught painting classes to young children.She found these experiences to be truly rewarding and they inspired her to pursue a master’s degree in education to help others excel and achieve their learning goals. Miriam is always looking for opportunities to learn new skills and enjoys painting, cooking, gardening and bike riding with her family. She is new to San Diego and looks forward to relocating soon with her husband, 12 year old son and little Chihuahua “Estrellita."
Katie Martinez-Dutton
Director of Online Instruction
Katie was born in Denver, Colorado to a wonderful family who supported and enabled her immediate love affair with science and how the world worked. (Katie’s love affair with math took a little longer to materialize, as she didn’t fall in love with math itself until taking Calculus.) Her endless curiosity led her to repeatedly change her major in college, but she finally graduated with bachelor’s degrees in both chemistry and physics - if she’d been able to stay in school another year, she would’ve added a third bachelor’s degree in mathematics as well. Katie loved using math and science to see the “cheat codes” to the universe, and decided to pursue a career in education to help kids see the wonder in the world around them. She taught high school math and science in Colorado and Georgia for 11 years before moving to a STEM-focused K-8 charter school, where she had the honor of building an industry-leading engineering program for middle school students and transitioning into leadership positions as a STEM director, middle school principal, and executive director. Along the way, she kept learning and earned a master’s degree in education as well as an MBA. Katie loves working with people to find great solutions to new and existing problems, learning new things, teaching people new skills, and striving to be a little bit better every single day. Outside of work, Katie enjoys spending time with her partner, making things with her hands, watching tv, movies, and sports, and reading by the ocean.
Asia Maung
Web Designer
Asia Maung is a web designer hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. After finishing her degree in English and Comparative Literary Studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles, Asia took an interest in UX and began her career as a web designer in San Francisco's burgeoning tech industry. As a web designer, Asia continues to advocate for data-driven design, ADA and WCAG compliance, and UX best practices. In tandem with working at several SaaS startups, she designed and built structural art for events throughout the bay, one of which was featured at Google I/O 2019. Forever intrigued by user behavior at the intersection between visual design and storytelling, she enjoys narrative-forward video games, experimental/graphic novels, and immersive art. When she's not working, Asia can be found dancing, DJing, sketching, catching a view, trying out recipes, or giving her cat face massages.
Amanda McDoulett
Customer Service Knowledge Management Specialist
Amanda has always been passionate about working, and playing, in the area between the creative and analytical. She grew up in the Bay Area and moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University where she received her bachelor's in Fine Arts/Graphic Design. She fell in love with San Diego and decided to make it her home and grow her career here. Her career started right when many businesses were trying to figure out how to communicate online which enabled her to build her web design, information design, instructional design, and internal/external communications skills. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their two cats, hiking, yoga, and being creative whether it's building miniatures, learning to play the piano, or creating art in different mediums.
Palmer Mebane
Software Architect
Palmer joined AoPS in 2012 shortly after graduating from Harvey Mudd College the same year. As a math contest participant, he was honorable mention on the USAMO in 2007, a US IMO team candidate in 2008, and a top 15 finisher on the Putnam in 2009 and 2011. During his four years of college, he graded for the USAMO and MOSP four times and single-handedly managed the WOOT "Problem of the Day" service. Outside of mathematics, Palmer solves and writes logic puzzles. He solves them fast enough to have been named the US Puzzle Champion in 2011, 2013, and 2014, and World Puzzle Champion in 2011 with top-3 finishes in 2012, 2013, and 2014. His best constructions can be seen on the tests he made for Logic Masters India.
Brian Meermans
Director, Computer Science
Brian has been working in computer science education his whole career. After earning a BS in Mathematics, Brian began tutoring others, where he discovered his love for teaching. He spent many years crafting CS lessons and projects for high school students, always trying to see how far he could push their skills. Brian continued his education by earning an MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. His commitment to education and personal relationships has helped inspire countless students to pursue careers in technology. When not teaching or building curriculum, Brian is an avid board game enthusiast and escape room fan. He continues to seek new ways to challenge his mind and have fun.
Lindsay Melia
BA Classroom Professional Development Lead
Lindsay Melia is an experienced educator with a passion for teaching mathematics. She has over fifteen years of teaching experience, including seven years dedicated to teaching Beast Academy. Lindsay's journey into education began during her time at UC San Diego, where she volunteered in local charter schools and discovered her calling to make a difference in the lives of students. After initially teaching middle and high school math, Lindsay's enthusiasm led her to embrace the Beast Academy curriculum, where she found her true passion for teaching elementary math concepts in an engaging and dynamic way. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys tackling puzzles and challenging her problem-solving skills. She finds solace in spending quality time with her husband at the beach and embarking on exciting adventures with her two dogs.
Yadira Mendoza
IT Specialist
While earning a BS in Business Administration and Psychology, Yadira worked in the IT department of Humboldt State University. Initially, she joined "just for fun," but later found interest in resolving technical issues. In 2021, she moved back to San Diego and joined AoPS, where she hopes to continue facilitating end-user experience by providing excellent technical support. In her free time, she likes finding delicious places to eat or doing recreational activities such as going to the beach, swimming, walking or hiking.
Karla Micheli
Talent Acquisition Program Manager
Karla joined AoPS in 2019. She holds a bachelor's degree in marketing communications from Columbia College Chicago and is an AmeriCorps VISTA alum. She earned dual Master's degrees in International Public Administration and Education Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS). Karla has a passion for education, philanthropy, and travel which has inspired her to work, study, volunteer and/or immerse herself in nearly 30 countries to date. In her spare time, she loves to go on adventures with her family, including her husky who she brought back from Nicaragua. She is currently working on writing her first children's book.
Amy Mills
Office and Facilities Manager
Amy joined AoPS in 2018 when she relocated to San Diego from the east coast and is loving it! She has three beautiful children and three amazing grandchildren! Her hobbies include bicycling, cooking, quilting, needlepoint and gardening.
Brent Min
Software Engineer
From an early age, Brent had an interest in mathematics and statistics from puzzles and games on old computers. After trying to create a game himself, he stumbled upon coding tutorials and realized that computers can be used for much more. He loved the idea of data science because it melded statistics and computer science into one, so he jumped headfirst into the new field. He used the concepts that he learned to create a personalized recommender for rock climbing and occasionally computer in machine learning Kaggle competitions. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, rock climbing, camping, backpacking, and reading.
Misti Mowery
HR Director
After completing her education in business and human resources management, Misti started working in the field of HR. Eighteen years later she is still loving it! At home, she is a mother to her 16 year old son, 2 dogs and a cat. She loves to travel with her son, and can be found hiking most evenings after work. She also discovered during COVID that she enjoys painting, but she will admit that she is much better at HR.
Trevor Moore
Software Engineer
Trevor has always loved math puzzles and games from a young age. He has competed in many math competitions where he especially enjoys solving difficult combinatorics problems. He graduated from University of Chicago in 2020 and joined AoPS in 2023. In his free time, Trevor loves playing strategy board games and computer games, as well as designing content for games and coding mods and bots for games. He played competitive Starcraft II in college and competed on stage in the finals of the Collegiate Esports Championship. He especially enjoys deeply learning and analyzing one game in detail for a long period of time.
Kelly Mullinix
AoPS Academy Regional Director
Kelly is the East Regional Director for AoPS Academy. In 2014, Kelly became the Language Arts Director at the inaugural AoPS Academy campus in Morrisville, North Carolina. She went on to manage the language arts program nationally prior to taking on her current role overseeing operations at the campuses in the eastern half of the country. A Pennsylvania native, Kelly earned her bachelor's from Penn State. After relocating to North Carolina to teach public school, she went on to receive her master's from UNC Chapel Hill and soon after found her way to AoPS. When she's not busy working, Kelly's busy keeping up with four kids, two dogs, a gecko, and a husband – they're all pretty great, but free time is short in supply!
Shawn Murali
Computer Science Curriculum Developer
Shawn Murali is an educator from the Bay Area focusing on computer science, math, and physics with bachelor's degree in mathematics from UC San Diego. He began his teaching journey in 2014, cementing a lifelong passion for facilitating the development of critical thinking skills in his students and finding creative ways to present hard problems. He is most excited by the rapid advancement in the field of AI-driven computer graphics and simulation at this time. He is also currently preoccupied with attempting to train a 3-month-old super mutt puppy in San Diego.
Priya Naidu
Instructional Coach
Priya has always loved math and known she wanted to be a math teacher. She received her bachelor's from the University of Pennsylvania and her M.ED. from HGSE. She has taught multiple grades from K-8 since 2010 – first in New York City, then in Oakland, and most recently as a virtual instructor for the AoPS Lumen program. Priya is passionate about helping students feel confident about math and loves to see the different ways students approach a problem. In her free time, she enjoys developing her green thumb and hiking in nature. A recent transplant from the Bay area, Priya has loved exploring the San Diego area with her husband and two toddlers.
AJ Netz
Math Curriculum Developer
AJ joined AoPS in 2023. His love of math was apparently clear at a very young age, as his parents told him that he regularly pilfered his older sister's math homework so he could enjoy it himself. AJ received a BS in Mathematics from Oregon State University, during which time he participated in graph theory research at Illinois State University and co-created a math board game with a PhD candidate. He returned to his hometown to teach high school for three years. Outside of work, AJ enjoys doing crosswords of the normal and cryptic variety, being a member of the National Puzzlers' League, and playing games of pretty much any type.
Vy Nguyen
Software Engineer
Vy joined AoPS in 2022. Growing up with a respect for education and a desire to go into teaching, she began tutoring math and coding concepts in middle school. When she decided to take her math education into her own hands through self study, Vy discovered the Art of Problem Solving's accessible online math resources. Relying almost exclusively on AoPS problem sets, Vy was able to elevate her skills enough to participate in math competitions and discovered a love for problem solving in the process. This discovery led her to pursue a degree in computer science from UC San Diego, where she explored various disciplines within computer science and dabbled in hearing aid research. Vy is excited to be able to give back to AoPS for being a part of her academic journey and contribute to accessible math education resources for the younger generation of students. When she's away from the desk, you can find Vy camping, surfing, and making coffee.
Whitney Niceswanger
Senior Math Curriculum Developer
Whitney joined AoPS in 2022 after spending the better part of a decade teaching math at the community college. She has a bachelor's in chemistry from USD and a master's in math from SDSU. Her experience teaching students from underprivileged backgrounds cultivated a desire to make the beauty of mathematics accessible to everyone. She enjoys group problem solving and discussing unique solutions and conceptualizations. When not working, Whitney enjoys taking her dogs to the beach and puttering around in her vegetable garden.
Brent Nicklas
School Staff Manager
Brent first joined AoPS as an assistant in 2013. He received bachelors degrees from Michigan Technological University in both mathematics and physics with concentrations in secondary education in 2014, then went on to obtain a masters degree in statistics in 2016. Exploring the many paths to a solution and sharing discoveries is part of what makes mathematics so fun and enjoyable for Brent. When he's not doing math, he enjoys drawing comic sketches, playing board games, cooking, riding his bicycle, and swing dancing.
David Norman
Project Manager
David joined AoPS in 2023 as a technical project manager after seven years of teaching middle school computer science, English, and social studies. During their time as a teacher, they designed a computer science program for grades 6-8 and developed a plan for district-wide computer science education; this plan earned a grant from the National Science Foundation. David chaired the district’s implementation committee and worked as a computer science coach in their own school to design curriculum to integrate computer science concepts into the core content of other classrooms. In their free time, David enjoys playing board games, bread baking, singing, and savoring the flavors of interesting teas. They have a deep appreciation of fantasy and science fiction and often engage in reading it, writing it, and even collaboratively improvising it as part of TTRPGs.
Tynan Ochse
Academy Product Math Curriculum Team Lead
Tynan earned his BS in Mathematics at Caltech before going on to obtain his PhD in Mathematics at UT Austin. Concurrent with his studies, he has developed and taught engaging mathematical curricula to a wide range of audiences. This includes leading an afterschool recreational mathematics class at a middle school in Studio City, and teaching a summer course on modeling nim-style games with linear algebraic data as part of UT Austin's Freshman Research Initiative. Tynan is willing and able to be a spokesperson for all things algebraic geometry and number theory, and he is a firm proponent of making the process of doing research in mathematics more approachable and accessible to pre-collegiate students. In his free time, Tynan enjoys fishing, experimenting with pickling and canning foods, playing basketball, and competing in weightlifting.
Alex Ohlson
Director of Finance
Alex was born and raised in San Diego, CA. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in accounting from San Diego State University. For the last five years, he worked as an outsourced accounting consultant at Signature Analytics working with multiple business owners and providing them with streamlined internal processes and financial solutions to allow for proactive business decisions. In his free time, he loves exercising outdoors. He also loves to cook and host get-togethers while testing new recipes out on friends and family.
Kevin O'Neal
AoPS Academy Business Director
Kevin joined AoPS in 2020 after many years in retail management and has had the pleasure of supporting the Academy campuses in several capacities since then. He currently oversees the execution of the AoPS Academy business strategy. Kevin is married to his high school sweetheart and is the father to two hellraising, barnburning cowgirls and a little buckaroo. They enjoy traveling and the outdoors... and horses and coloring and baby animals and playing in the dirt. Kevin wants to visit all 63 U.S. National Parks, is a wannabe history buff, and makes way too many trips to The Home Depot.
Jacob Padilla
Product Designer
Originally from New Mexico, Jacob moved to California during the pandemic. Having family in San Diego and Los Angeles, he visited often and found himself eager to live on the west coast. Jacob is completely self-taught and has always been passionate about design, video games and the technology behind them. In his free time Jacob works on and rides motorcycles and plays pool regularly. Jacob has two black labs along with two old cats.
Chris Page
Senior Math Curriculum Developer
Chris is old enough to have used a slide rule before calculators were a thing. High school math competitions led to a math/physics double major at Rutgers University. A PhD in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania followed, including three years of TA’ing calculus. It also led to meeting Richard Garfield, and being a developer and expansion designer for the early years of the card game, Magic: The Gathering. After graduation, he worked in labs analyzing protein oxidoreductase reactions, and electron microscope tomographic reconstructions. His mid-life crisis was returning to math and AoPS in 2016. In his spare time, Chris choreographs contra dance, collects Eurogames, studies TV animation, and sleeps in on weekends.
Maya Panicker
Customer Support Specialist
With a foundation in anthropology and a passion for fiber arts and the broader world of art, Maya loves learning about the intricacies of human culture and expression. From studying survival skills to promoting self-sufficiency, they have a diverse background that includes farming and gardening, particularly in youth-focused settings. Now, joining the Art of Problem-Solving, they are eager to infuse creativity into education, making it more accessible and engaging for youth everywhere.
Elena Parthemer
Master Instructor
Elena has always loved helping students succeed! She began to find tremendous joy and inspiration in helping friends better understand math in early high school. Soon after, Elena’s official tutoring career began and she has now supported countless students of all levels and ages develop positive relationships with math, evolve their mathematical reasoning skills, and build their confidence along the way. Elena received her BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2014, has managed a K-12 math learning center, started a private tutoring business - Mindful Math Tutors, and has pursued various graduate-level math education courses. Elena loves helping young learners connect to their own creative reasoning strategies. She believes everyone has a reason to love math, and strives to help students recognize and apply their incredible abilities. Outside of work, you will find Elena playing marimba, dancing or performing circus arts, cooking, traveling the world or exploring nature with her beloved partner and pup!
Mital Patel
DevOps Manager
Mital is into gardening, video games and home automation. He loves coloring with his daughter (and is getting really good at staying in the lines).
David Patrick
Senior Math and Science Curriculum Director
Dave joined AoPS in 2004. He is the author of Art of Problem Solving's Introduction to Counting & Probability, Intermediate Counting & Probability, and Calculus textbooks, and co-author of Prealgebra. Dave earned the sole perfect score on the American High School Mathematics Examination (AHSME) in 1988 and was a USA Mathematical Olympiad winner that year. He attended the Research Science Institute (RSI) in 1987, and the Math Olympiad Summer Program in 1988, where he first met fellow student Richard Rusczyk. He also finished in the top 10 on the Putnam exam in 1991. Dave graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 1992 with a BS in Mathematics/Computer Science and an MS in Mathematics. He went on to earn his PhD in mathematics from MIT in 1997. He was an acting Assistant Professor at the University of Washington from 1997 to 2001. Dave is originally from Western New York and is an alumnus of the SUNY Buffalo Gifted Math Program.
Kiyoshi Pedroza
Academic Success Specialist
Kiyoshi joined AoPS in 2020 after earning his BA in English at UC Berkeley. Prior to AoPS, Kiyoshi assisted students with a variety of career-related issues and concerns as a Peer Advisor for the UC Berkeley Career Center. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and their cat, Domino. In his free time you can find him playing video games, hiking, reading, watching something, or finding something new to learn.
Tara Pendleton
Product Developer
Tara graduated from Utah State University (USU) with a degree in biological engineering and minor in computer science. At USU, she served as a VP for SWE and worked as a TA for one lower and two upper division courses, where she loved guiding students to that ‘click’ moment of understanding. After graduation, Tara moved to San Diego to work in biotech, and dabbled in computer science on the side. She was drawn to AoPS for their positive mission and unique approach to problem solving and critical thinking. Tara grew up with a love for traveling, which taught her to approach new experiences with an open mindset and gave her an appreciation for genuine conversations. Outside of work, you’ll likely find her playing volleyball, trying new art styles, or experimenting with recipes.
Arantxa Perez
Staff Accountant
Arantxa grew up in Mexico and moved to San Diego in 2019. She has a bachelor's degree in hotel management and a bachelor's in manufacturing engineering. She is passionate about process improvement and numbers. Over the past years, she has worked closely with the Accounting department, which led her to pursue a career as an Accountant. Arantxa enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her family.
Ivan Perez
Warehouse Associate
Ivan is a shipper for the AoPS warehouse. He has a well rounded knowledge of shipping and warehousing as well as a knack for process improvement. Ivan enjoys nature photography and music. He is married and enjoying life with three goofy pets who have traveled more than he has. With a good cup of coffee and a guitar in hand everyday is a good day for him.
Laura Ann Perkins
Software Engineer
Laura first joined AoPS in 2022 as a mathematics instructor for the Lumen program. In the summer of 2023, she began her transition into the role of software engineer. This new position blends her devotion to education with her passion for programming, first ignited by her days of developing games on Roblox at the age of nine years old. A believer in the power of interdisciplinarity, Laura holds a bachelor's degree in cognitive science with a minor in mathematics. Today, she finds joy in exploring the intersection of computer science, logic, and mathematics, both on her own time and with her students. Her favorite personal project is her game Frog World, a mathematical adventure that aims to be both accessible and rigorous, inspired by the theory of embodied cognition as well as a vision for quelling mathematical anxiety. Laura also loves the triangular numbers (1, 1+2, 1+2+3, ...) and spicy vegetarian food.
Jeremy Pham
Software Engineer
From an early age, Jeremy had always gravitated towards math and sciences during school. His first exposure to programming was back in middle school, when he took an interest in Lua scripting in the game Roblox. He decided to foster these interests by pursuing a computer science degree at UCSD. During his time in college, he served as an officer for his school's gaming organization, hosting tournaments for hundreds of people and building communities centered around people's favorite video games. He also served as a tutor for computer science, where he quickly discovered a passion for working with students and having a positive impact on their education. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys working on his anime recommendation project, practicing calisthenics, and playing piano.
Sarah Pierpoint
AoPS Academy Operations Coordinator
Sarah is an Operations Coordinator for AoPS Academy. She is a past high school biology and Japanese teacher, instructional leader, and magnet coordinator, with a few years in banking. She majored in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara, then graduated from CSU Northridge with a master's degree in secondary education. She just moved to San Diego after three and a half years in Japan, and is loving the perfect weather. Most of her free time is spent on indoor and outdoor gardening, playing phone games, and listening to Audibles. Her husband is in the Navy and they have three adorable dogs, Lala, Yuzu and Haku, who they love cuddling with.
Celeste Pilkington
AoPS Academy National Operations Director
After a 20-year career in corporate meetings and events, specializing in operations management and leadership, Celeste returned to her roots in education and joined Art of Problem Solving in 2020. AoPS’ mission speaks to her core as a person and a parent - teaching resilience and problem solving to her two young kids is a top priority and her mantras are “you’ve got to blossom where you are planted” and “you can figure it out!” In her free time, Celeste loves to run, hike, bike and explore the great outdoors with her family.
Dylan Pizzo
Senior Software Engineer
Dylan started at AoPS in the Associates' Program in 2021, doing Software Engineering and Math Curriculum Development. He graduated from the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara with a BS in Mathematics, and of all areas within math, his favorite is by far foundations of math and computability theory. He taught himself programming since he was in elementary school, and enjoys developing web apps, games, and other useful things. Dylan has varied hobbies including juggling, making games, video editing, and continually learning math, physics, economics, and programming. Also, he loathes taxes and the way math is taught in schools.
Pamm Plaza
Production Artist
Pamm grew up in Mexico, as part of a large family of teachers who made her a strong believer in the importance of education, for both personal fulfillment and the benefit of society. Although she has never seen herself as an educator, she finds great joy in putting her skills on work to help others. She started her professional life as an architect, who after a few months decided to say goodbye to the blueprints and pursue her childhood dream of becoming an artist, which will later lead her to become a graphic designer. When she’s not in front of a computer organizing layers, you can find her at the nearest coffee shop, reading, doodling or geeking about cinema.
Gabriel Pleimann
Software Engineer
Gabriel grew up with a love of problem solving and a passion for mathematics. He always had a knack for mathematics and excelled in school which allowed him to begin college early. He earned his BS in Mathematics at the age of 18 before deciding to learn computer science. This led him to join a PhD program in computer science, but after joining he realized that self-teaching fit his goals much more and decided to take on that pursuit. During this time, he taught for the virtual AoPS campus before joining AoPS full-time to combine his love for computer science, math, and teaching. Gabriel enjoys working on logic puzzles, learning new tech, and spending time with his partner and two cats.
Iuliana Radu
Academy Math Curiculum Developer
The daughter of two math teachers, Iuliana grew up with the rigors of eastern Europe math education, complemented by the playfulness of puzzles and brainteasers her parents challenged her with at home. She participated in Romanian Math Olympiads and completed a BS in mathematics and an MS in Computer Science at the University of Bucharest before coming to the United States to teach college math. She then pursued a PhD in Mathematics Education at Rutgers University, during which she researched how students think about mathematical infinity. Before joining AoPS, Iuliana taught math and math education courses at Rutgers University and coordinated the Rutgers Math Teachers’ Circle. Her AoPS journey started with being an instructor for the Princeton campus, then an Associate Director, and now a curriculum developer! In her spare time, Iuliana enjoys hiking, music, and table tennis.
Liz Ramjohn
Expansion Coordinator
Elizabeth, also known as Liz, is a seasoned professional with a BA in Psychology and an MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Miami, Liz brings a unique cultural perspective to her work. She relocated to San Diego to contribute to the non-profit sector, making significant strides working with foster and ex-foster youth. Beyond her professional achievements, Liz is a passionate individual who loves plants, animals, poetry, music, cooking, writing, and continuous learning. Not only does she express her love for serving others through her career, but it also resonates in her personal life. She takes great joy in hosting dinner parties and game nights with her wife (and English bulldog--Biggie) and getting her (not so little) kids prepared to take on the world with resiliency and a positive attitude! Liz's favorite quote: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."- Maya Angelou
Dustin Ransom
VP of AoPS Academy
Dustin first joined AoPS as an assistant in 2013, and assisted the intermediate group at the Los Angeles Math Circle while studying math at UCLA. Dustin became interested in math through music. Interested in digital audio synthesis, he realized he'd need to actually learn some math in order to build synthesizers from the ground up. Soon after, math overcame his musical interests. Outside of math, Dustin is obsessed with endurance sports and training. An avid runner himself, you'll often find him running in the San Diego mountains wondering, "When are we going to run that sub-2 hour marathon already?!"
Pavi Rannulu
Software Engineer
Pavi joined AoPS in 2018 after completing their bachelor's degree in mathematics with a minor in physics from the University of Maryland. Their journey exemplifies a passion for mathematics, as they not only won high distinction in the Sri Lankan Mathematical Olympiad but also represented their country in the 2011 International Mathematics Competition. At AoPS, they honed their problem-solving and communication skills as they first worked as a student services specialist for nearly four years. Pavi shifted their intellectual gears towards a new challenge, software engineering, when they successfully completed a year long coding bootcamp at the renowned Ada Developers Academy, during which they secured an internship at Microsoft. In 2023, they decided to re-join AoPS to fuel their passion for academic accessibility, and implement their newly acquired skillset. Pavi finds joy in spending time with their beloved feline companion, Orbit, and exploring the world, one hike at a time.
Amanda Reilly
Senior Director of Engineering
Amanda joined the Software Development team at AoPS in April 2019. She has been obsessed with computers and technology most of her life. She built her first website when she was 12 years old, back in the bad old days of table-based layouts and dancing-squirrel GIFs. In high school, she joined her school's FIRST Robotics team, where she worked on the website and community outreach teams. After attending Purdue University, Amanda held various business administration roles, always gravitating towards roles that allowed her to indulge her first love of programming and development. In her spare time, you'll most likely find Amanda reading historical fiction or planning her next trip. She's working towards a lifelong goal of visiting every US state and six continents before she turns 50.
Mark Richard
Sales Operations Manager
Mark joined AoPS after graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2018 with a degree in mathematics and completed a senior thesis involving physics and probability. He dabbled in just about every subject in college and has a particular passion for mathematics history. You can find him playing piano, guitar, and percussion, or reading and writing at home. He is an avid baseball player and fan, although he recently found disc golf as a way to explore new places. He does two podcasts and owns seven harmonicas.
Hazel Ringelberg
Software Engineer
Hazel majored in computer science at UC San Diego with a minor in linguistics. She started going for her master's in computer science at UC San Diego shortly after, but decided that path wasn't right for her and started working instead. In her spare time, she streams herself playing video games on Twitch and has amassed a small, but wonderful following. She absolutely loves entertaining people and making them laugh. If you ever get a chance to talk to her, she really like talking about a number of things including video games (as you might expect), linguistics, herself, Disney stuff (but like in a normal way she promises), and gender.
Ethan Rioux
Instructional Coach, BA Classroom
Ethan is thrilled to be a part of the BA Classroom team and has previously worked as an Associate Director at the AoPS Academy in Princeton, NJ. Ethan entered the education field while serving with the AmeriCorps program City Year. This experience ignited a passion for helping all students achieve greatness and enjoy mathematics. He has earned a Bachelor of Music from Temple University and a M.Ed. degree in Secondary Education and Mathematics from Drexel University as part of the Philadelphia Teacher Residency program. Over the past decade he has taught students at every grade level from late elementary to high school and really enjoys engaging students with any kind of puzzle he can find. Ethan is also a performing musician, loves to go camping, and is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan.
Alisa Rogers
Software Engineering Manager
Alisa joined AoPS in 2020. She grew up competing in local mathlete competitions and having long conversations about math with her dad and brother while on family road trips. She graduated from UCSD in 2019 with a BS in Mathematics - Computer Science. During her time in college, Alisa served as president of Phi Sigma Rho, a sorority aimed at fostering female empowerment in STEM. Alisa's favorite thing about her job is contributing to the enrichment other young math students' education. In her free time, Alisa enjoys reading, running, going to the beach, and hanging out with her corgi, Reggie.
D.J. Rogers
Language Arts Instructional Coach
D.J. has been an educator for the last 11 years and has been with AoPS since 2019. He is passionate about making ELA fun and accessible and helping others discover a love of reading and writing! After working in a Youth Development Center and schools for disadvantaged youth, he is excited to share his knowledge with a new audience. When he's not teaching, D.J. likes to write, cook, and play games of all kinds.
Shannon Rogers
Director of Project Management
Shannon is the Director of Project Management for AoPS. She has executed a variety of roles since joining AoPS in 2011, including co-author of AoPS's Beast Academy series, curriculum developer, teacher in the AoPS Online School, and manager of customer service, internal operations, and new AoPS Academy campus launches across the nation. Shannon holds a degree in mathematics from UCLA and has been actively involved in Math Circles in Los Angeles, San Diego, and New Mexico for nearly a decade. She loves math jokes and all things combinatorics.
Damian Romney
Language Arts Department Chair
Damian is the Language Arts Department Chair for the AoPS Academy Virtual Campus. He joined the AoPS Academy team in 2019 as a physical campus director. After graduating from Guilford College in 2011, he served in City Year Boston, an AmeriCorps program, from 2011-2013 as an in-school tutor and a physical service project manager. From 2013-2017, he taught 6th and 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies in Boston charter schools. He moved to the Atlanta area in 2017, continuing to teach for a year and then attending the University of Georgia to earn a master's degree in education in 2019. In his free time, Damian enjoys biking on nearby trails and woodworking.
Sophia Ruff
Benefits Manager
Sophia is a San Diego native with 5+ years of HR experience. After a quick stint up north to get her bachelor's degree in psychology and English at UC Santa Barbara, she returned to San Diego to begin her HR career while finishing her master's in hr management at the University of Southern California. In her free time she loves exploring her city and and finding fun new spots to show her friends, but her favorite parts of the day are morning and evening snuggles from Bandit the tuxedo cat!
Richard Rusczyk
Richard Rusczyk founded Art of Problem Solving in 2003 to teach avid math students in an innovative, interactive way. Richard is one of the co-authors of the Art of Problem Solving classic textbooks, author of Art of Problem Solving's Introduction to Algebra, Introduction to Geometry, and Precalculus textbooks, co-author of Art of Problem Solving's Intermediate Algebra and Prealgebra, one of the co-creators of the Mandelbrot Competition, and a past Director of the USA Mathematical Talent Search. He was a participant in National MATHCOUNTS, a three-time participant in the Math Olympiad Summer Program, and a USA Mathematical Olympiad winner (1989). He received the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions Paul Erdös Award in 2014. He graduated from Princeton University in 1993, and worked as a bond trader for D.E. Shaw & Company for four years. AoPS marks Richard's return to his vocation - educating motivated students.
Sean Russom
Senior Sales Executive - West Region
Before working in the AoPS Sales division, Sean worked as a Campus Director at two separate AoPS Academy campus locations in Santa Clara, CA and Vienna, VA. He also served as Area Director for the greater South Bay region. An experienced teacher of gifted children, Sean has taught math at both the middle- and high-school levels, served as the coach of a successful MATHCOUNTS team, and designed the Algebra 1 curriculum for the high school where he used to teach in North Carolina. He holds a bachelor’s degree in math from UNC. In his spare time, Sean loves creating challenging math problems for his students.
Robert Ruzicka
Employee Relations Coordinator
Robert is recently new to California, but enjoys the warm weather. He loves being a part of the Human Resources team and recently got his graduate certificate in HR Management. He loves going to the beach and playing video games. If he is not doing one of those two, he is trying new food with his partner.
Ashley Paul Ryu
Principal Software Engineer
Ashley Paul joined AoPS in 2009. Ashley Paul discovered QBasic on his computer when he was six years old and has been programming ever since. Before attending Harvard, he was a third-place winner at National MATHCOUNTS, a two-time perfect scorer on the American Mathematics Contest (AMC) 12, a participant at the Research Science Institute, and a prize winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. In his free time, he enjoys emacs, waterbending, learning musical instruments, talking about himself in the third person, watching crime shows, and herding cats.
Stephanie Sadrian
Senior Life Science Curriculum Developer
Stephanie joined AoPS in the summer of 2021. Before moving to San Diego, she spent much of her life as a human ping pong ball living in Texas, Northern and Southern California, and New York City. Stephanie completed a BS in Molecular Biology from the University of CA, Davis and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Icahn School of Medicine in NYC. Following a postdoc in a cardiology lab at the University of CA, San Diego and the birth of her second child, Stephanie decided to explore teaching as a career. She spent four years at a private K-12 school teaching and building curriculum for the Biology department there. Stephanie finds STEAM education thrilling because it reveals a hidden world of curiosities, mysteries, and secrets. Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her three kids and all kinds of arts and crafts – particularly knitting.
Jack Sanchez
AoPS Academy Product Director
Jack joined AoPS in 2020 as the Academy Language Arts Curriculum Lead. Despite being drawn to math in high school, he completed a BA in philosophy from Arizona State University and an MA in religion from Yale University. Jack taught a variety of philosophy courses at the college level before entering a PhD program in philosophy at Purdue University. During his doctoral program, Jack fell in love with crafting lesson plans that helped students become more creative and analytical thinkers, so he moved to San Diego to teach humanities classes at a private school. Jack has since been working at AoPS, first as a language arts instructor, and most recently as an Associate Product Director for the Language Arts program at AoPS Academy. In his free time, Jack enjoys running, reading, and spending time with his wife and three sons.
Naoki Sato
Senior Math Curriculum Developer
Naoki joined AoPS in 2005 after a successful career in investment banking. He won first place in the 1993 Canadian Mathematical Olympiad, and represented Canada at the 1992 and 1993 International Mathematical Olympiads, winning a bronze and silver medal, respectively. He has also served as deputy leader for the Canadian IMO team in 1997, 2002, and 2006. A native of Toronto, Canada, Naoki earned a Bachelor's in mathematics from the University of Toronto, and a master's in mathematics from Yale University. His interests include cycling and wine tasting.
Brian Schooley
Director of Talent Acquistion
Brian was born and raised in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. After graduating from West Virginia Wesleyan College, he spent five years leading field marketing teams in the home services industry where he built teams from the ground up and quickly realized he had a passion for working with people and wanted to help them land their dream careers. Brian lives for all things recruiting, and when he’s not doing it between the hours of 9-5 he is lending his time to others, rewriting resumes, coaching, or getting together with peers to learn and share. When he is shutting his brain off, he spends as much time as he can with his American Foxhound rescue, Samson. You can find them on hikes or on a patio on a sunny day where he will be sneaking fries under the table to feed his spoiled dog.
Joshua Schroeder
Software Engineer
Joshua Schroeder has long held a passion for mathematics as well as programming. He completed an undergraduate degree in mathematics at Michigan State University, and subsequently completed a PhD in Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, with a research focus in structural graph theory. Throughout his programming related graduate coursework and process of writing code for his research, he developed a passion for writing clean, high performance code, and subsequently sought a Software engineering position at Art of Problem Solving. In his time off, he enjoys video games and board games, such as Dead by Daylight, Twilight Imperium, Root, Faster than Light, and Tears of the Kingdom. He also loves farmer's markets, growing plants, and baking various desserts and breads.
Jorin Schug
Math Curriciulm Developer
Jorin joined AoPS in 2023 after earning his Mathematics PhD from the University of Minnesota studying algebraic geometry, and his BA in Mathematics from Swarthmore College. During graduate school, he excelled as a math educator through creating fun and engaging classes, and earned the Outstanding TA Award in the UMN Math department in 2019. From tutoring middle and high school algebra, to lecturing college calculus and linear algebra, to mentoring undergraduate research at UMN, Jorin is proud to have taught numerous and diverse students over the years. In his spare time, Jorin loves playing the piano, video games, running, hiking, cooking, learning Chinese, and watching basketball. Commiserate with him about Philly sports sometime!
Melissa Schulz
Virtual Campus Associate Product Director
Melissa joined AoPS in 2016. She spent the last decade before that immersed in the worlds of language and teaching. She earned a BA in Comparative Literature from UC Irvine (where she studied abroad in Sweden, learning the delicate arts of eating caviar from a tube and pronouncing words with the letter å) and an MA in English from UC San Diego. Along the way, she has gained more than a decade of experience teaching Language Arts in classrooms ranging from elementary through college, developing curriculum, and supporting other teachers. Aside from books and words, Melissa enjoys landscaping, playing the piano, and learning Spanish.
Dane Scott
Language Arts Curriculum Developer
Dane first joined AoPS in 2019. He graduated with a BA in Classics in 2021 and is currently working on a PhD in Religious Studies at Boston University examining ritual theory and religious iconography in ancient Greece and Rome. He’s excited to bring his passion for ancient literature and languages into the AoPS Language Arts curricula and will not hesitate to drop a Greek-related fun fact into the mix. Outside AoPS you can find him on a constant quest to find the best iced vanilla latte.
Jessica Seekamp
Math Department Chair
Jessica was previously a director at a physical Academy location. Jessica sees math as a record of human creativity and perseverance and loves sharing this view with her students. Jessica holds a BS in Applied Math from the University of Texas at Dallas and formerly served as a high school Math Department Chair, where she wrote curriculum and taught everything from middle school math to AP Calculus. As a teacher, she wants her students to think deeply as they discuss math, to be creative as they approach problems, and to appreciate the beauty of mathematics. Outside the classroom, you can find Jessica running ultra-marathons or climbing mountains in Colorado.
Stella Seki
Product Designer
Stella is a Japanese American product designer who values creativity, learning, and being mindful of others. She earned her BS in Cognitive Science-Design and Interaction and a BA in Studio Art at UC San Diego in 2022, joining AoPS shortly after. Early in her college career, Stella discovered her love for education experiences when she interned at the California University of Science and Medicine. She devoted the rest of her time at UC San Diego leading its largest design community, Design Co, preparing her peers towards designing in the industry. Stella takes inspiration from game design and the aesthetics of her surroundings. When not on Figma, she enjoys drawing, hanging out with cats, and indulging in fruit teas and fountain pens.
Kassidy Sellin
Staff Accountant
Kassidy was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She graduated from California State University, San Marcos with her bachelor's degree in accounting. She joined the AoPS team in 2022. She enjoys traveling and hopes to one day travel to all the European countries to experience all the amazing historical sites. Kassidy loves using her annual pass to Disneyland with friends and family and visits the theme park as much as possible. She also loves to bake and enjoys sharing her recipes with friends and family for special occasions. Kassidy also enjoys listening to music and tries to attend a few concerts a year to see some of her favorite artists perform live.
Greta Selman
Beast Academy Art Team Lead
Greta first started as a freelance colorist and artist for the Beast Academy books in 2012. She joined AoPS full-time in January of 2016 in order to help work on the BA websites. Prior to working for AoPS, she worked as a designer for many years in the home decor industry as well as taught Adobe Illustrator courses. When not coloring for a living, she enjoys cycling, cooking, and creating.
Minerva Sharp
Senior DevOps Engineer
Gadget Queen Extraordinaire. Minerva started in IT, and then quickly transitioned to DevOps after going to a containerization talk at the company that would become Zynga. After working with the Department of Defense to help create Ironbank, she settled down and opened a small nonprofit that helps neurodivergent software engineers connect with companies that need them.
Daniel Shu
Software Engineer
Daniel discovered his interest in problem solving as an elementary school student through encounters with logic problems, math puzzles, and various strategy games such as chess. After developing this interest over the years through math club, Daniel eventually headed off to Vanderbilt University and graduated with both a BS and MS degree in Computer Science in 2023. Having enjoyed an internship at AoPS the year before, he decided to return so that he could continue contributing to the resources that had helped shape his own education many years prior. In his free time, Daniel enjoys attempting to play his favorite songs on the violin and piano as well as playing video games that allow for theorycrafting and number crunching in spreadsheets.
Rhonesha Simmons
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Rhonesha holds an MEd in elementary education from Texas State University and enjoys mentoring and building relationships with children. Rhonesha has worked as an elementary teacher, team leader, and was previously an Associate Director at AoPS Academy Frisco. Additionally, she spent nearly eight years in K-12 assessment where she developed language arts standardized tests and was a content lead on several assessment programs. In her spare time, you might find her exploring Dallas, spending time with family and friends, and possibly knitting a scarf.
Kris Siy
Senior Math Curriculum Developer
Kris joined AoPS thrice: In 2011 as a student, in 2016 as a teacher, and in 2019 as a math curriculum developer. They started and coached their high school's math team and won the COMAP High School Mathematical Contest in Modelling twice, but their love for math never really cemented until they discovered graph theory while studying in Budapest and went on to complete their M.Math. in Graph Theory at the University of Waterloo. Kris is also particularly interested in equity in math education and the teaching and learning of discrete mathematics and has previously worked with San Diego State University’s Centre for Research in Math and Science Education to develop discrete math curriculum for high schools. In their free time, Kris enjoys playing board games and playing the ocarina.
Chris Smith
Beast Academy Classroom Director
Chris has a passion for increasing and diversifying the pipeline of students who call mathematics and science their favorite subjects. Chris received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University and his MBA in Quantitative Finance from New York University. In the last decade, he has led math enrichment programs with elementary, middle and high school students in Philadelphia, New Brunswick, and Miami. Before working in his current role with the company, he also held the position of Campus Director at AoPS Academy Pleasanton. Chris loves exploring challenging math with young learners because it equips them with the skills and mindsets of lifelong learners. Before joining AoPS, Chris spent time as a biologics engineer and master problem solving teacher/coach. When he is not teaching math, Chris enjoys listening to all types of music and is an avid soccer fan.
Rebecca Sodervick
Books & Online Services Senior Delivery Director
Rebecca previously served as an Associate Director at AoPS Academy Santa Clara and AoPS Academy Bellevue before joining the AoPS headquarters team. She loves teaching math to students from elementary through college and once coached a state-qualifying MATHCOUNTS team. She holds an MS in Mathematics from the University of Michigan and a BS in Advanced Mathematics from Michigan State University, where she supervised one of the math learning centers and spent her summers helping direct the math summer camp. Working with colleagues from universities in China, she also organized the Discovering America Exchange Program. For fun, Rebecca likes being outdoors, cooking, and spending time with her playful dogs, Dexter and Jill.
Alex Song
Principal Math Olympiad Curriculum Developer
Alex is a Curriculum Developer at AoPS, joining the team in May 2023. He is currently a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, studying algebraic number theory. He is concurrently a problem proposer and contest committee member for many of the Canadian math competitions, as well as a USAMO grader. In middle and high school, he participated in the IMO. He is an AoPS Online School alumnus and enjoys cooking, playing board games, and reading mathematics, both elementary and research-level.
Doug Squire
Instructional Coach
Doug is originally from Charleston, WV. He taught for 15 years in the math department at West Virginia University, where he won college and university teaching awards. Prior to that, he taught at the middle school level for one year. More recently, he taught for a year at the high school level. He has used AoPS books in prepping for his own competitions in high school and then for coaching competition students and teaching honors students for years. He started teaching part time for AoPS in 2020. Doug enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, skiing, and playing racquetball. He loves football and will always be a diehard WVU fan. Let's go Mountaineers!
Willie Stafford
Accounting Manager
Willie joined AoPS in 2021. Originally raised in the Bay Area, he graduated from the University of Oregon in 2018 with a bachelor's degree in finance. Previous to AoPS, he spent the past 2.5 years working at a local San Diego outsourced accounting firm. In his free time he loves to take advantage of all that San Diego has to offer: beaches, surf, golf, parks, food....and the list doesn't end of course. He also enjoys snowboarding, playing games, cards, or anything with some friendly competition.
Zack Sterling
Comic Artist
Zack is a Filipino-American, New York Times Best-Selling illustrator and author from Portland, OR. Before writing/illustrating his own graphic novels with Scholastic and Oni Press, Zack spent most of the 2010's working on several licensed properties with highlights including the artist of the Adventure Time graphic novels and design work on the Bee & Puppycat animated series. Outside of art, he's an avid home cook so you can probably find him in front of a cutting board or re-watching movies with his two corgis Ace and Penny.
Conner Sundberg
Warehouse Lead
Conner graduated High School at the peak of COVID in 2020. He is 20 years old and currently working towards his degree in business management at San Diego Mesa Community College. He is looking to transfer to SDSU by the end of this school year. On his off time, he likes to work on his car, golf with his friends, and watch movies. Conner loves to go to car shows and go cruising to various destinations with his friends as well. Friends and family are a key part of Conner's life and he likes to be around others all the time.
Jenna Szuch
Lead Talent Acquistion Partner
Jenna is a San Diego native and earned her BA in Psychology from Cal State San Marcos where she volunteered as a research assistant in their environmental psychology lab. After graduation, Jenna began working in HR where she quickly found a passion in talent acquisition because it allows her to use both her creative and analytical sides, while getting to connect with so many different people. She has worked in TA for the last eight years within various industries including aerospace, architecture & design, and most recently tech, helping scale Reddit's business teams through rapid growth. Outside of work, Jenna enjoys playing piano, live music, camping (desert, mountains and beaches!), trying new recipes, and spending time with her partner Nick and their basset hound.
Brendan Tang
Software Engineer
Long before joining AoPS in 2022, Brendan spent a large amount of his childhood assembling building toys of various shapes and sizes. When he was in high school, he realized that writing computer programs would allow him to build great things with unparalleled flexibility to encounter setbacks, learn from mistakes, and keep trying again, so after graduating from UC Berkeley, he went on to spend his career writing code. He hopes that his work at AoPS helps students learn math and problem solving skills that help them engineer solutions to future problems. Aside from programming, you may find him engaging in tabletop games, Dance Dance Revolution, or reading or watching videos about whatever topics grab his interest.
Kelsie Taylor
Talent Acquistion Specialist
Kelsie is from Huntington Beach, CA and currently is based out of Denver, CO. She has been in the Talent Acquisition field for over four years and loves what she does. When she’s not working, Kelsie enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, going to the mountains with her Australian Shepherd, and snowboarding.
Saint Thompson
Operations Coordinator, BA Classroom
Born in Honolulu, Hawai'i, Saint was raised in a melting pot with a strong focus on community, instilling in him a passion for connecting with others. Equipped with a healthy curiosity about our species, Saint studied human biology while at Stanford, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of the biological and social components of human evolution. Since graduating, he has worked in education in a variety of capacities, as a teacher, consultant, and coach to name a few. His continued curiosity to learn about the human condition has also led him to live abroad, to study the global economy, and to write a book. In his free time, if he is not working out, playing sports (especially basketball) or dancing, then he is most likely gaming, catching up on a show, or attempting to satisfy his insatiable sweet tooth.
Nestor Tomaselli
Motion Graphic Designer
Nestor is a motion designer, animator, illustrator, and filmmaker, originating from the tropics of Venezuela. Earning a double BFA in Film and Motion Graphics from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Nestor has an unending passion for combining film and animation tech to show stories in new and inconvenient ways, whether that be through marketing or visual narratives. His love and dedication to his craft expands beyond the workplace, earning him 11 elections and three awards at film festivals across the world for his films, and self-starting his own animation collective with his friends. When away from his drawing tablet, Nestor can be meditating at a Buddhist temple, or playing video games with his nephews.
Sarah Trebat-Leder
Director of Talent Strategy
Sarah joined AoPS in 2018 after finishing a PhD in Mathematics from Emory University, where she studied number theory and moonshine (no, not the drink). She first fell in love with mathematics while attending HCSSiM in 2007, and since then has been involved in many other summer math programs, including MathPath, PROMYS, Emory's REU, and BEAM. As an undergraduate at Princeton, she was already president of the math club and helping to run PUMaC in her freshman year. When she moved to Atlanta for graduate school, she started Emory Math Circle, which by the end of her tenure was serving over 200 students each semester. In her free time, she likes to play board games and go on long walks.
Ian Tullis
Senior CS Curriculum Developer
Longtime puzzlehunter and puzzle writer, former Googler (Search, Code Jam), lapsed chemist/biologist, combinatorics admirer. Besides computer science and math, Ian loves baseball, history, movies, tabletop RPGs, theater, trivia, weightlifting, and wildlife, among many other things!
Joe Ubelhart
Software Engineer
Joe graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in computer science. He has a passion for video games which led him to create custom tools and game modes for Rocket League. He’s also a big football fan who roots for the Seahawks and Huskies. Joe was a five-year member of the University of Washington Husky Marching Band playing the tenor sax. He really enjoyed the incredible experience of performing in front of huge crowds in big games. In his free time he likes to play video games, throw a football, or shoot a basketball.
Matthew Underwood
Language Arts Curriculum Team Lead
Matthew joined AoPS in 2021. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara in 2009, he became a certified teacher and spent a decade teaching internationally. He has taught world history and language arts in various educational settings, from enrichment programs to international high schools. His classroom experience has taken him from Shanghai, China, to Santiago, Chile, where he's taught and designed curricula for thousands of multicultural students from elementary school to high school. He's driven by creating interactive, dynamic, and engaging learning experiences that challenge students and spark their creativity. Outside of work, you'll likely find Matthew listening to podcasts, playing board games, playing volleyball, or exploring new places.
Riley Vickers
Textbook Procurement & B2B Operations Coordinator
In 2021, Riley graduated with a BA in Math and Computer Science from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. While at Lewis and Clark Riley played collegiate tennis for all four years and was elected team captain his senior year. Before joining the AoPS team Riley worked as a surf instructor, for Surf Education Academy, teaching kids of all ages the foundational skills of surfing. In his free time you will most likely find Riley at the beach surfing or in the kitchen cooking!
Joshua Von Trapp
Account Manager
Joshua joined AoPS in the spring of 2024. Having graduated from Concordia University Irvine & obtaining his teaching degree, Joshua dove into the world of math & science and taught in & out of the classroom for over sixteen years. He is very passionate about creating equitable access to STREAMM education & is ever fascinated by the natural world. After growing up in San Diego, Joshua transplanted to the Bay Area where he was able to access even more off-road trails, remote camp spots, & breathtaking natural landscapes. Upon returning to San Diego a few years ago, he & his partner make time for gardening, trips to the beach with their three dogs, & finding new spots in the southwestern desert to be amazed by.
Anderson Wang
Puzzle Designer
Anderson joined AoPS in 2020 after graduating from MIT in 2016 with a degree in mathematics and working as a software engineer for a few years. In college, he helped write and select problems for the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament. Outside of math, Anderson enjoys solving and creating puzzles of all sorts, especially puzzlehunts (he has edited and written for several puzzlehunts including the MIT Mystery Hunt) and logic puzzles (he has represented the US at the World Puzzle Championship). His other interests include creating video games and sometimes making (very amateur) music for them, participating in security CTFs, listening to "indie" music, and reading, especially poetry. He also tends to overuse parentheses whenever he writes.
Deven Ware
AoPS Online Product Director
Deven joined AoPS in 2014. During this same year he earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from UCLA. While there, he led the Intermediate Circle at the Los Angeles Math Circle and played with electron lasers for fun. Outside of school, he attended MathPath twice as a counselor and attended the UCLA Logic Summer School as a student. In his free time, Deven enjoys solving logic puzzles and pondering about interesting math problems. He also acknowledges the concerning fact that in this bio he has claimed attending school as one of his outside of school activities.
Josette Welsh
Beast Academy Customer Success Manager
Josette moved to San Diego with their family in 2011 when their father was stationed at Miramar. While at San Diego State University they did some editing and English tutoring. After graduating, the lovely weather, company, and museums convinced them to stay. In their free time, Josette enjoys tabletop roleplaying games (and designing Google Sheets based character sheets for them), walks around the neighborhood (and the beautiful Balboa Park), cooking (especially when there’s company), and sewing (though they're still getting back into it). They work on two Actual Play podcasts and love working on world development. When they can, Josette loves to take their niece to arcades (namely Nickel City) or host a game day at home.
Campbell Whalen
Growth Marketing Manager
Campbell graduated from Dartmouth College in 2022 with a BA in Quantitative Social Science with an Education focus. She has had a passion for Education since a young age, spending much of her time volunteering and working with young learners. She comes to AoPS with a professional background in the start-up & marketing space. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, skiing, surfing, and live music.
Scotlin White
Payroll Coordinator
Scotlin was born in Okinawa, Japan, and relocated to California in 2006. A multifaceted professional with experience in various roles, he has developed a versatile skill set that spans multiple industries. Outside of work, Scotlin is passionate about racing and automotive pursuits, enjoys exploring diverse culinary experiences, and loves spending time in the great outdoors.
Eric Wofsey
Math Curriculum Developer
Eric Wofsey has loved teaching and learning math for as long as he can remember. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in math and Spanish in 2008 and was a graduate student in math at Harvard. Eric was both a student and a teacher at Canada/USA Mathcamp for many years and joined AoPS in 2015 as an instructor and in 2024 as part of the curriculum team. When he’s not thinking about math, Eric enjoys playing board games, solving and writing puzzles, learning languages, playing with dogs, and birdwatching.
Charleen Xie
Senior Product Designer
As a first-generation student growing up in a small southern town of China, Charleen knows how good education shapes people and aspires to design for better education since young. After graduating from Rhode Island school of Design, Charleen spent two and half years at TAL education group rebranding and redesigning an acquired K-12 coding education platform, supporting the user growth from 0 to 100k enrolled students. In 2021, Charleen took a step further and started her M.S.Ed degree in Learning Science and Technologies at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked for multiple education organizations and research groups including Penn Center for Learning Analytics and Penn GSE Wonder Lab. Following her passion, Charleen joined AoPS in 2023. Besides work, Charleen loves making colorful illustrations and testing new watercolor papers. She is a curious outgoing introvert who enjoys inspiring conversations, symbolic graphics, and music with energetic drum beats.
Phyllis Xu
Software Engineering Manager
Phyllis joined AoPS at the start of 2014. Originally from Maryland, she completed her BS at MIT in Materials Science and Engineering and continued on to finish her PhD at UC San Diego where she studied various materials on the nanoscale. In her free time, you'll probably find her walking her pups, eating watermelon, or learning about fermentation science.
Kevin Yaiko
Senior School Staff Specialist
Kevin began with AoPS in 2018 as a grader and assistant but joined the staff full-time in 2020. He earned a BS in Mathematics from Houghton College and a M.Ed. from Liberty University. Prior to joining AoPS, Kevin was a high school math teacher for 16 years, 13 of which were spent teaching in an International School near Budapest, Hungary. In his free time, he enjoys studying computer programming, reading, and playing Gang Beasts with his four kids, both the video game and their own real-life version.
Lindsay Zambraski
Beast Academy Classroom Instructional Coach
Lindsay received her MA in Psychology in Education from Teacher's College at Columbia University. She began her journey in the classroom teaching third grade at a charter school in upstate NY, before taking on the role of math director and math teacher for grades 4-7. Lindsay has a passion for creating visual and engaging math lessons that encourage a love of learning in her students and fellow teachers. Lindsay joined AoPS in 2023 as an instructional coach. Outside of work, she enjoys practicing and teaching yoga and reading fantasy novels, as well as spending quality time with her siblings, cousins and partner.
Laura Zehender
Operations Manager, Customer Service
Laura first joined AoPS as a middle school student in 2004. After taking AoPS's awesome classes for many years, she was excited to start working as a class assistant while she was attending Stanford and then to join AoPS full-time soon after graduating in 2014. She's loved math and teaching for a long time, whether going to math meets (when she could find enough other homeschoolers to form a team!), attending math camps as a camper and later as a counselor, or coaching a MATHCOUNTS team. While at Stanford, Laura studied a mix of mathematics, computer science, and classics – the latter gave her the chance to study abroad in Italy, where she could visit lots of exciting ancient ruins like those in the photo on the left. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, working on crafts, learning new styles of dancing, and roller skating.
Leon Zhou
Senior Software Engineer
Leon is a web developer with a passion for making clean and responsive UIs. Leon grew up in San Diego, where he attended the San Diego Math Circle and was president of the math club at Canyon Crest Academy, then got a BS in Mathematics from MIT. After graduating in 2014, Leon worked at Pocket Gems, a mobile gaming studio, then at Cruise, an autonomous vehicle company, before joining Art of Problem Solving in 2022. Leon enjoys working in React and Python, strives to write practical, idiomatic code, and loves coding collaboratively. Outside of work, Leon enjoys playing competitive video games: he's been ranked in the top 15 in Northern California in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and also enjoys other fighting games and strategy games. He also partakes in indoor rock climbing, puzzle hunts (with Galactic Trendsetters), cooking, juggling, and hot sauces.
Kiana Ziglari
Senior Software Engineer
Kiana joined AoPS in 2020 after graduating from Cal Poly Pomona. A lifetime love of logic puzzles led her to a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. While studying at CPP, Kiana played an active role in the campus community by representing the school’s computer science department at various events, organizing a coding competition for high school students, and leading a club called the Software Engineering Association. Throughout her development experience, she discovered a passion for user experience, focusing on details that make software simple and convenient. In her free time, she enjoys solving puzzles such as Sudoku and Nonagram, spending time with her dog Bella, playing tabletop role-playing games, and indoor bouldering.