Congratulations Team USA, all of whom are AoPS WOOT alumni, for their 1st Place win at the 65th International Mathematical Olympiad! Discover WOOT.

About Art of Problem Solving

At Art of Problem Solving, we are training the intellectual leaders of the next generation. We help students develop the problem-solving skills they need to confidently tackle challenging problems—and not only in mathematics. Over time, we’ve expanded into subjects like physics, programming, and language arts. Across different disciplines, our approach is to help students build a deep foundational understanding of a few critical concepts that they can then apply across a wide range of problems. Students are encouraged to play, experiment, fail and persevere—building the flexibility, creativity, and determination needed to confidently tackle the tough problems they will face as adults. Students learn in different ways, so we offer resources in a variety of different formats, and we’ve built a community where students can connect and collaborate with their peers. We hope to keep growing this community of interdisciplinary problem solvers to be ready for the complex ideas that are yet to come.

Check out the three divisions of AoPS below to learn more:

AoPS Online offers rigorous, high-quality math curriculum and online classes for middle and high school students to help them expand and deepen their mathematical thinking. The top students in the world gather in our online message boards, asking questions of each other and of our expert instructors, who were once curious students themselves. We are building a community of problem solvers, connecting students with similar passions as they strive to understand new concepts.

AoPS Academy brings the AoPS methodology to small live physical and virtual classrooms. We offer a world-class curriculum in math, science, and language arts for students in grades 1-12, seeking to build an environment where exploration meets challenge right in your local neighborhood. Students learn in small classes led by accomplished instructors and collaborate with a peer group who share their passion for learning. We have opened twelve centers across the nation since 2016 and are still growing!

Beast Academy is the curriculum we wish we had as young students. Following the adventures of four little monsters, Beast Academy teaches elementary students how to think critically and understand fundamental math concepts through engaging, comic-book style illustrations. Students can access the curriculum both through the Beast Academy Online platform or through our physical Guide and Practice books. As they advance through the sequence, students master problem-solving skills they will use for the rest of their lives.