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The Math of Winning Wordle: From Letter Distribution to First-Word Strategies

From letter distribution to first-word strategies, we analyze Wordle word lists for patterns and come up with tips for playing — and winning — mathematically.

The 12 Days of X-Math

In the 12 days of X-Math, our four little monsters take on their own holiday preparations at the North Pole. Each day, we reveal a new puzzle — and slice of our seasonal story string. Can you solve all 12 days of our holiday tale? 

Math Contest Guide for Advanced Students

An ambitious student's guide to the math contest world, as compiled by math education leader, Art of Problem Solving.

What Is Alcumus, And Why We Called It That

Named for a figure from the Odyssey, Alcumus is the free adaptive learning system at AoPS that helps students practice challenging material and improve their problem solving skills.

The Math of Game Shows: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire” contestant and AoPS curriculum developer David Patrick discusses the math behind the popular game show.