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Reaper is a simple game of strategy, patience, and luck, in which people claim times in order to meet the objective of the game.

How to Play

Select a game from the list of Current Games. (Note: there is not always a game going on.)

In the game, wait patiently until you find a time that you would like to reap. This time will be added to your overall score.

Be careful, other users may reap before you, causing you to have to wait for time to build all over again. In some instances, someone will reap just as you are reaping and you will be "sniped." Being sniped means you've reaped, and will have to wait an allotted time before reaping again, but you will have only gotten zero, or very few seconds added to your time.

Sometimes, you may get a double, triple, or more reap – this means you'll get 2x, 3x, or more the amount of time you would normally get. You may also get a free reap which allows you to reap again before your wait time has passed. These bonuses are given randomly.

There are no games currently in progress.
No games have been scheduled. Please check back here from time to time to learn about upcoming games. Please do not ask on forums when the next game will start as we do not yet know.
Game 88: bballjmz13
Game 87: mikimoto12
Game 86: kevinmathz
Game 85: mathicorn
Game 84: kevinmathz
Game 83: baffledBear
Game 82: jbarron
Game 81: mathicorn
Game 80: baffledBear
Game 79: baffledBear