Math Jams

Math Jams

Math Jams are free online discussions hosted by Art of Problem Solving for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Informational sessions about Art of Problem Solving classes.
  • Review of the AMC and AIME competitions.
  • Introductions to new topics in math and other areas of study.
  • Special events, such as our annual discussions with admissions officers and professors from outstanding universities such as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and Duke.

To attend a Math Jam, simply sign in to Art of Problem Solving just before the Math Jam begins, and click on the Classroom bar that will appear on the screen. The Math Jam classroom will open 10 minutes before the Math Jam begins. (See Classroom System Requirements)

Our Math Jams are held in the same online classroom as our online courses. Click here to read more about how our online classroom works.

Participants in Math Jams must be signed in as Art of Problem Solving Community members to access the Math Jams. . The Math Jams and Community membership are free.

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Using Math to Make Good Choices

Instructor: AoPS Staff
Difficulty Level: 2* (Introductory math)
June 5th (Friday)
1:00 pm ET

We'll discuss problems that involving making choices. Some examples are:
* How to fairly divide a cake among a group of people
* How to split rent among roommates
* How to run an election with multiple candidates
* How to fairly divide an inheritance among heirs
* How to divide a group of people into partners without anyone's feelings getting hurt

Join us and learn how to use math to solve some of these difficult life problems!

2020 AOIME Discussion

Instructor: AoPS Staff
Difficulty Level: 8* (Advanced math)
June 8th (Monday)
3:00 pm ET

AoPS Instructors will discuss all 15 problems on the 2020 American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam (AOIME). Learn more about the AOIME here.

AIME Problem Writer Panel

Instructor: AoPS Staff
Difficulty Level: 4* (Intermediate math)
June 10th (Wednesday)
4:00 pm ET

Answer your questions about problem writing, the AIME, and math contests in general.

* Difficulty Ratings

0 No Math. Appropriate for all audiences.
1-3 Beginning Problem Solvers. Middle School, Algebra, Geometry, MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8
4-6 Intermediate Problem Solvers. AMC10, AMC 12
7-10 Advanced Problem Solvers. AIME, USAMO
Click here for previous MATH JAMS transcripts.
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