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For the Win!

Art of Problem Solving's Premier Game

FTW has it all: an unparalleled array of MATHCOUNTS-style problems, elite competition, customizable games, and player rankings. If you’re looking to sharpen your competition skills, or just want to engage in good old-fashioned mathematical battle with friends or strangers, then this is the arena for you.

Over 15,000 Problems

These problems are collected from a variety of prestigious sources: MATHCOUNTS, MOEMS, the American Mathematics Competitions, and the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, among others. Our incredible staff have curated the problems to include only those with the best quality and rigor.

Group Play

Want to play against more than one person, or mix up the settings? Start a For the Win! game and include multiple contenders in your battle. In a For the Win! match, all players have an opportunity to answer, and will be scored based on both the correctness and speed with which they respond. Games can also be customized by the match creator.


In each ranked game lies an opportunity to increase your FTW player ranking. But beware, what goes up may also come down! Boast of your valor by making it to the Leaderboard, or look in awe at the bold achievements of others. Leaderboards showcase the players with the highest ranking, most games played, and most wins over various time periods.

Thanks to MATHCOUNTS, MOEMS, American Mathematics Competitions, and the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, for their contribution of thousands of problems to For the Win!