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Beast Academy is the elementary-school math curriculum from Art of Problem Solving. Beast Academy provides a full, rigorous, and entertaining curriculum for aspiring math beasts ages 6–13. The series consists of four units for each level (A-D).

Beast Academy 1B is the second book in the four-book series for Level 1. In Level 1, the comic-styled Guide sections and the Practice sections are included in one book (in Levels 2-5, the Guide and Practice books are separate). Level 1B includes over 600 problems ranging from introductory level exercises to very challenging puzzles and word problems to reinforce the lessons in the Guide.

Beast Academy 1B covers the following topics:

Addition: Symbols (+ and =), writing addition, finding a missing addend, pairs with the same sum (number bonds), adding more than two numbers, making ten, order (commutativity), and counting up.
Subtraction: Taking away, subtracting 10, counting down, the relationship between addition and subtraction, finding a difference, ordering, and strategies.
Categories: Properties, finding similarities and differences, which doesn't belong, categories of numbers (odds, evens, squares, and primes), Venn diagrams.

Beast Academy 1B is the second part of our four-part series for Level 1:

Full Color. Paperback.
240 pages. 10 7/8 x 8 3/8 inches.
ISBN: 978-1-934124-70-3

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