At AoPS, we think challenging math is beautiful. This summer, our students are demonstrating that beauty by creatively chalking math problems around their neighborhoods.

The #AoPSMathwalk Challenge

AoPS Academy students around the country are putting their problem-solving skills to work. The challenge is simple: Grab some chalk and take math to the streets, chalking out interactive math problems for friends and neighbors to solve.

"Chalk art is this great way to share challenging math problems because we think math is truly beautiful so why not add that artistic element to it as well," says Ashley Beck, AoPS Academy Regional Director.

Students are getting creative with where they're chalking their masterpieces — in driveways, parks, and even the beach!

Prevent Summer Slide Through Interactive Math 

One big goal of the Mathwalk challenge is to help prevent the learning slide that can happen over the summer months.

"I know I'm learning stuff, but it doesn't feel like I'm learning," says 10-year-old Faith Kanaiya in Tampa, FL. "Because learning is boring and this is fun."

Mathwalk gets kids outside, working through tough math challenges together. It also helps students use math to find and engage other problem solvers in the area.

"It really helps students keep learning over the summer, to get outside, to get away from screens when possible and just to share," says Ashley Beck, AoPS Academy Regional Director.

"We have some problems that students can physically participate in as well, and we've seen some cool visual puzzles on the streets and sidewalks around the country," says Pleasanton Campus Director, Ellen Kulinksy in a KCBS interview.

Keep an eye out for the colorful #AoPSMathwalk puzzles on a sidewalk near you!

It's Your Turn: June and July Mathwalk Problems

Rules of Play:

  • Draw out the problem only, not the solution. That's for your neighbors to solve!
  • Include the hashtag #AoPSMathwalk in your chalk drawing.
  • Snap a photo of the drawing, and upload to social media with the hashtag #AoPSMathwalk.

About AoPS Academy

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Find an in-person campus in your area, or check out our Virtual Campus.

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