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Sapienship, with Dr. Jim Clarke

Sapienship researcher Dr. Jim Clarke discusses how to speak to students about the world's biggest problems and all the amazing resources for K–12 education that are being created at his workplace, Sapienship. Sapienship is the social impact company co-founded by “Sapiens” author Yuval Noah Harari and his husband Itzik Yahav, and headed by Naama Avital. 

Wonder, with Dr. Frank Keil

Professor and author Dr. Frank Keil joins the podcast to talk about the academic superpower that is “wonder”, why generalist polymaths make for better specialists than specialists, and how to re-ignite wonder in our children if they’ve lost it along the way.

Learning STEM through Fiction, With Dr. Pamela Cosman

Dr. Pamela Cosman, author and professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, San Diego, talks about how to make STEM subjects more fun and engaging for kids, and the specific power of learning STEM through fiction.

Managing Academic Expectations, With Charlene Wang

Charlene Wang, author, founder of LivingOS, and previously a product manager at Google, discusses parental and cultural expectations and why our kids might need to break free from some of them on their path toward success.

EdTech at-Home, With Monica Burns

Dr. Monica Burns, founder of ClassTechTips.com and edtech and curriculum consultant, discusses how parents should think about picking an edtech product at home, what a content vetting process could look like, and how important it is for parents to model a healthy relationship with technology.

Learned Helplessness, With Vida John

Math Coach Vida John talks about the concept of learned helplessness, why math contests aren’t just for really “math’y” kids, and why some students who struggle at math end up becoming the best mathematicians.

Free-Range Kids, with Lenore Skenazy

Lenore Skenazy, President at Let Grow and Founder of the Free-Range Kids Movement, discusses how giving our children opportunities to learn independence at a young age helps them to become independent adults.

Math Puzzles vs. Games, With Ben Orlin

Author and educator Ben Orlin joins the podcast to talk about his latest book, Math Games with Bad Drawings, and if our students can really learn meaningful math through comics, puzzles, and games.

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