Today’s guest is Grant Sanderson, creator of 3blue1brown. In less than 4 years, 3blue1brown has grown to become one of the most popular education channels on YouTube, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Grant discusses his path to internet superstardom and talks about how he makes complex math interesting and accessible. Grant and Richard also compare their experiences building a platform that gives more people access to rigorous mathematics, and discuss where they think math education is heading in the future.

You’ll hear about Grant’s background in mathematics and how he approached the search for a job that would suit his passions, eventually challenging the idea of what a career in math was supposed to look like. He discusses how his videos grew from a fun side project into what they are now, and shares some of the insights he’s gained for navigating the intimidating world of YouTube, such as the importance of making connections and learning from the wisdom of others.

You‚Äôll also hear Grant and Richard talk about what they have in common ‚Äď namely, how their search for a better way to bring challenging math to the world led both of them to take matters into their own hands. They talk about what it was like to build a world-class learning platform from scratch, and why the choice to follow their passions ultimately paid off.

Grant and Richard also discuss their thoughts on how to make math education enjoyable, available, and beautiful. They talk about why Grant‚Äôs approach works so well, despite the fact that he goes against a lot of the accepted wisdom about ‚Äúedutainment‚ÄĚ on the internet. And they share their thoughts on where things are heading in the future, and the role that both Art of Problem Solving and 3blue1brown will play.

You can see Grant’s work on his YouTube channel and learn more on his website.


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