Are you trying to raise a resilient problem solver — one who will be ready for any challenge that comes their way?

The Raising Problem Solvers Guidebook is here to help. We’ve compiled the advice we’ve given and heard from AoPS families over the years into a super-resource all families can use.

Gain actionable strategies to help your student stay challenged and inspired along their educational journey, even — and especially — when the going gets tough.


A Look Inside: What's Included?

  • K-12 Curriculum Recommendations from AoPS Parents
  • 15+ Strategies to Support Your Advanced Learner
  • Tips for Building Problem Solving Habits
  • STEM Gift Guide for Elementary, Middle, and High Schoolers
  • Math Contest Guide
  • Online and Offline Activities
AoPS helped me build a diverse toolbox of problem-solving strategies, but also broadened how I apply my toolbox to problems, in math and in the rest of life. Problems are open-ended challenges that must be explored with persistence and creativity. – Zach S., AoPS student alumni

Raising Problem Solvers Podcast

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