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AoPS Students Use 2020 to Get Ahead in Math

During this past year, students across the country faced countless academic hurdles. As the pandemic forced children out of school and into the virtual world, parents struggled to figure out the best learning setting and strategies for their families.

But as students nationwide fought to keep up — particularly in core subjects — many found a bright spot with Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) online programs and offerings.

AoPS Beast Academy Online classroom

Beast Academy is the leading online math curriculum for advanced elementary school students grades 2–5.

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For our youngest problem solvers stuck at home, Beast Academy provided the perfect level of challenge and engagement.

“[My kids] are learning faster, the concepts are sticking, and our days are more peaceful,” says Tiffany B., Beast Academy parent.

Quotes:  Her teacher says she is now at the top of her class.

Because elementary students can move through chapters as quickly as they want, students often leapfrog ahead of standard math curricula. Plus, a mix of online lessons and physical comic-style books offer both on-screen and off-screen learning time.

“The combination of videos, comics, and well-thought-out and repeatable lessons, along with the lack of a gimmicky gamification helped us make the decision,” says Daniel E., a new Beast Academy parent.

“[My daughter’s] improvement and confidence this year has been remarkable. Her teacher says she is now at the top of her class.”

AoPS Online laptop showing classroom

AoPS Online offers interactive online math curriculum and books for advanced students grades 5–12.

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For middle and high schoolers, parents looked to AoPS Online this year as a reliable resource for their students to keep up — and get ahead — in math.

“I learned more in this single class than in my entire school semester,” says Brian X., Intermediate Algebra student.

Quotes: I learned more in this single class than in my entire school semester.

AoPS Online students have found motivation, structure, and entirely new skill sets with our online classes.

“AoPS gives structure and challenge to his additional time now that school is out,” says Frank P., AoPS Online parent.

“My kids’ schools closed with no virtual learning offered for the first month,” says Amy Q., AoPS Online parent. “The one bright spot in all of this is my kids finally had time to try AoPS. Though my sons have very different learning styles, they both love their AoPS classes and we love to see them challenged!”

Little girl looking at computer online classroom with several other students

AoPS Academy brings AoPS methodology to local communities through 10 in-person learning campuses for students grades 2–12.

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For our physical Academy campuses this year, our instructors transitioned their in-person classrooms to distance learning.

“The current situation is difficult for everyone,” says Mary D., a parent from our Pleasanton, Ca., campus. “But my son’s teachers transitioned efficiently and effectively to distance learning. The consistent structure of the class and engaging games and activities helped kids find some normalcy,” she says.

Although we’ve all been stuck at home, our students have used AoPS as a place to explore and grow, despite the seemingly stagnant nature of the year.

“AoPS has given [him] an outlet to engage in discussions about new ideas and concepts in mathematics and mechanics, pushing him to think more actively and critically than he otherwise would,” says a parent from our Vienna, Va., campus.

Her son’s Vienna instructor set up a Tuesday evening forum to get her mechanics students talking out loud about mechanics problems. As with many of our Academy instructors, she’s worked to accommodate student working styles and sustain their interests in various subjects.

“The study group is one of those activities he puts on his calendar each week and makes certain to attend,” she says. “I think it scratches an itch he has for collaborative (as opposed to competitive) problem-solving.”

Quotes:   The consistent structure of  the class and  engaging games and activities helped kids find some normalcy...

With so many parents worried about their kids falling behind this year, we’re so proud of our AoPS instructors, staff, and families for finding innovative ways to make 2020 a great math year!

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