American Association of PhysicsTeachers Physics Bowl

American Association of Physics Teachers Physics Bowl

The AAPT Physics Bowl is a 45 minute, 40 question timed test, administered in April. There are 2 divisions, Division I and Division II, for first and second year physics students respectively. The team part of the competition is where the tops five scores for each division are added together to produce a team score. Individuals compete in regions, 14 of which as U.S., while 5 are China. Awards and prizes are given to the top 2 schools and top 2 individuals in a region/division. Any high school student can take the exam.

Division I

The exam covers topics covered in a first year physics course.

Division II

The exam covers topics covered in a second year physics course. About 30 of the problems are the same as those for the Division I exam.

Sample Problems

Sample problems and more information can be found at the AAPT website 1.