For The Win

AoPS For The Win! (FTW) is a fun way to practice your math skills while competing with other players. There are two types of games, the normal game where you can compete against many players and the Countdown game, which is a head-to-head competition modeled after the MATHCOUNTS® Countdown round. In cooperation with MATHCOUNTS®, many of the problems in FTW are drawn from past MATHCOUNTS® contests. There are currently about 7600 problems in FTW.

This version of FTW has been deactivated. Visit the new one here.

"FTW was likely released around December 2007, definitely sometime before March 2009. Unfortunately, the old FTW forum is no longer accessible, which makes it harder to find old information on FTW.

It was likely created or co-created by the no longer active Valentin Vornicu, who is the first AoPS 'user' (user #1 wasn't really an account). Valentin Vornicu was essentially a co-founder of AoPS by making Mathlinks which joined AoPS. In addition, levans was certainly moderating FTW at the time, but whether he helped create it is unclear." (Source: Sotowa's research)

Countdown mode was a game mode similar to regular [i]For The Win![/i] except only the first answer was counted for each problem. Therefore, once a question was answered, the system would immediately move on to the next problem. You were also able to see your opponent(s)'s answers.