Oklahoma mathematics competitions

Oklahoma Middle School Mathematics Competitions

  • Oklahoma MathCounts is part of the national MathCounts competition.
  • OSSM Awesome Contest is an Oklahoma middle school math competition run by OSSM.
  • Math Kangaroo is available to students in grades 1-12. The competition occurs annually during March held at ORU. Students do not need to live in Oklahoma to test here.
  • Several middle schools offer the Oklahoma Math League.
  • AMC 8
  • Purple Comet (middle school) is offered in a few schools. In addition, the top 5 (alternate national participant included) students from that year's MathCounts state competition will compete as a mixed team. Oklahoma does not participate in the high school contest.

Oklahoma High School Mathematics Competitions

  • AMC 10/12: Jenks, Norman North, Union and Holland Hall offers the AMC 10/12. OSSM offers the AMC 12. Whittier offers the AMC 10.
  • Oklahoma Math League, which is part of the math league (mathleague.com). Around 10 high schools in Oklahoma participates in it.
  • Math Kangaroo is also available to high school students. The testing location and date is the same as middle school.
  • Rocket City Math League is a contest for middle school and high schools students. Jenks and Norman North offer the RML.

National Math Contests

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