Polish Mathematical Olympiad

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The Mathematical Olympiad in Poland (Polska Olimpiada Matematyczna) is used to select the Polish team for the IMO, the Austrian-Polish Mathematics Competition, and the Baltic Way math competition. It consists of three rounds. The first round comprises twelve problems which participants have four months (September–December) to solve. Solutions are mailed to local olympiad committees for grading. Students with six to seven correct problems (about 100 students) are usually invited to the second round, which occurs for two days in late February. Each day, participants have three problems to solve in five hours. Students with three to four correct problems are usually invited to the final round, which has the same format as the second round and occurs in late April. The top six finishers in the olympiad represent Poland at the IMO. The next six students represent Poland at the Austrian-Polish Math Competition. The next five students who are not attending a university the next year represent Poland in the Baltic Way the next year.

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