2006 AMC 12B Problems/Problem 11

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Joe and JoAnn each bought 12 ounces of coffee in a 16-ounce cup. Joe drank 2 ounces of his coffee and then added 2 ounces of cream. JoAnn added 2 ounces of cream, stirred the coffee well, and then drank 2 ounces. What is the resulting ratio of the amount of cream in Joe's coffee to that in JoAnn's coffee? $\text {(A) } \frac 67 \qquad \text {(B) } \frac {13}{14} \qquad \text {(C) } 1 \qquad \text {(D) } \frac {14}{13} \qquad \text {(E) } \frac 76$


Joe has 2 ounces of cream, as stated in the problem.

JoAnn had 14 ounces of liquid, and drank $\frac{1}{7}$ of it. Therefore, she drank $\frac{1}{7}$ of her cream, giving her $2*\frac{6}{7}$.

$\frac{2}{2*\frac{6}{7}}=\frac{7}{6} \Rightarrow \boxed{\text{(E) }}$

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