2018 AMC 8 Problems/Problem 17

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Problem 17

Bella begins to walk from her house toward her friend Ella's house. At the same time, Ella begins to ride her bicycle toward Bella's house. They each maintain a constant speed, and Ella rides 5 times as fast as Bella walks. The distance between their houses is $2$ miles, which is $10,560$ feet, and Bella covers $2 \tfrac{1}{2}$ feet with each step. How many steps will Bella take by the time she meets Ella?

$\textbf{(A) }704\qquad\textbf{(B) }845\qquad\textbf{(C) }1056\qquad\textbf{(D) }1760\qquad \textbf{(E) }3520$


Since Ella rides 5 times as fast as Bella, Ella rides at a rate of $\frac{25}{2}$ or $12 \tfrac{1}{2}$. Together, they move $15$ feet towards each other every unit. You divide $10560$ by $15$ to find the number of steps Ella takes, which results in the answer of $704$ or $\textbf{(A) }$

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