2019 AMC 8 Problems/Problem 4

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Problem 4

Quadrilateral $ABCD$ is a rhombus with perimeter $52$ meters. The length of diagonal $\overline{AC}$ is $24$ meters. What is the area in square meters of rhombus $ABCD$?

[asy] draw((-13,0)--(0,5)); draw((0,5)--(13,0)); draw((13,0)--(0,-5)); draw((0,-5)--(-13,0)); dot((-13,0)); dot((0,5)); dot((13,0)); dot((0,-5)); label("A",(-13,0),W); label("B",(0,5),N); label("C",(13,0),E); label("D",(0,-5),S); [/asy]

$\textbf{(A) }60\qquad\textbf{(B) }90\qquad\textbf{(C) }105\qquad\textbf{(D) }120\qquad\textbf{(E) }144$

Solution 1

[asy] draw((-12,0)--(0,5)); draw((0,5)--(12,0)); draw((12,0)--(0,-5)); draw((0,-5)--(-12,0)); draw((0,0)--(12,0)); draw((0,0)--(0,5)); draw((0,0)--(-12,0)); draw((0,0)--(0,-5)); dot((-12,0)); dot((0,5)); dot((12,0)); dot((0,-5)); label("A",(-12,0),W); label("B",(0,5),N); label("C",(12,0),E); label("D",(0,-5),S); label("E",(0,0),SW); [/asy]

A rhombus has sides of equal length. Because the perimeter of the rhombus is $52$, each side is $\frac{52}{4}=13$. In a rhombus, diagonals are perpendicular and bisect each other, which means $\overline{AE}$ = $12$ = $\overline{EC}$.

Consider one of the right triangles:

[asy] draw((-12,0)--(0,5)); draw((0,0)--(-12,0)); draw((0,0)--(0,5)); dot((-12,0)); dot((0,5)); label("A",(-12,0),W); label("B",(0,5),N); label("E",(0,0),SE); [/asy]

$\overline{AB}$ = $13$, and $\overline{AE}$ = $12$. Using Pythagorean theorem, we find that $\overline{BE}$ = $5$. "You may recall the famous Pythagorean triple, (5, 12, 13), that's how I did it" - Zack2008

Thus the values of the two diagonals are $\overline{AC}$ = $24$ and $\overline{BD}$ = $10$. The area of a rhombus is = $\frac{d_1\cdot{d_2}}{2}$ = $\frac{24\cdot{10}}{2}$ = $120$

$\boxed{\textbf{(D)}\ 120}$ ~phoenixfire

Video Solution (Also includes problems 1-10)= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i69xiEF-pk&t=2s

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