2021 JMPSC Invitationals Problems/Problem 3

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There are exactly $5$ even positive integers less than or equal to $100$ that are divisible by $x$. What is the sum of all possible positive integer values of $x$?


$x$ must have exactly 5 even multiples less than $100$. We have two cases, either $x$ is odd or even. If $x$ is even, then $5x < 100 < 6x$. We solve the inequality to find $\frac{50}{3} \leq x \leq 20$, but since $x$ must be an integer we have x = 18, 20. If $x$ is odd, then we can set up the inequality $10x\leq100\leq12x$. Solving for the integers $x$ must be $9$. The sum is $18+20+9$ or $\boxed{47}$

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